Dark Matter Episode 9 Postmortem: Secrets Can Be A Good Thing


This week’s Dark Matter saw the inevitable return of the dreaded Ferrous Corporation, surely meaning lots of danger to come for the crew of the Raza. But first things first, as it was Four’s turn to get some revenge and just like Six he failed in the end. At least he and the crew discovered who their true family is and because of that One put his revenge plot against Three on hold. The need to find out who is a traitor amongst the group also arose again this week and it seems like there are only a few real suspects among the crew. Will we find out the identity of the person behind the memory swipe soon?

As always we took all of our questions from this week’s episode to series’ co-creator Joseph Mallozzi in our weekly chat. Mallozzi shares some insights about these recent revelations and takes a look ahead as Dark Matter’s first season heads into its final arc. Read on below for all of his thoughts.


The TV Junkies: We saw the return of the Ferrous Corp at the end of the episode and that’s never a good sign. Can you give us any indication of what they are up to this time?

Joseph Mallozzi: By the end of the episode you realize that the Corporation has cast a very wide net. They are the powers in colonized space. The crew made the mistake of crossing them and you think it’s a pretty big galaxy and you can stay one step ahead of them. But the reality is they have a lot of resources and a lot of ships. Sooner or later your past catches up with you, whether it’s your distant past as is the case of our characters, or your most recent past in the case of double crossing Ferrous Corp. So essentially it’s payback time.

TTVJ: This week we learned even more about Four and his family history. What’s his next step towards getting revenge on his stepmother?

JM: It’s dual motivation for him, revenge and he wants to retake the throne. The crew wants him to retake the throne because what better way to start a new life than having someone as powerful as an Emperor watching your back. It’s easier said than done. He tried the direct approach and was counting on appealing to his stepbrother. In his mind he was betrayed. It’s back to the drawing board is where he is.

TTVJ: Was the moment where he killed Akita the moment that made your PA gasp with shock?

JM: Yes, that was the moment. It’s interesting because I read all the reviews and fans responses and one of the recurring themes is ‘they are all good guys after all!’ I wouldn’t go so far as to say that. This guy carved the eyes out of the guards that came looking for him. That’s not a nice guy. He’s actually more logic driven than our Android in many respects. He saw Akita as a threat, so forget whatever emotional connection they had in the past. We get these flashbacks and find out about it so we’re very much in the scene. But the fact is Four doesn’t remember them.

That’s an interesting aspect I think. Relationships are often ruled by the emotional baggage of what has come before, but in this case we get a taste of that baggage but he doesn’t feel it. So when he takes out Akita it’s a shock for us, but for him he’s like ‘he’s going to come back after me and this is the most effective message I can send.’ It even shocked the rest of the crew, even Three is taken aback at first before he’s like ‘Well, on we go!’

Dark Matter - Season 1

TTVJ: Five and Six worked through their issues this week and it was nice to see Five stand up to Six. How important was it for her to make that stand and do they remain close moving forward?

JM: There’s definitely a closeness there. It’s like really good friends or family. They will fight but there’s still that bond. After the events of last episode things have become really real for Six. He’s just come to realize that it’s not going to end happily for their life on the run. He’s setting her up for a very tragic end. These conversations come from a place of love. She doesn’t see it that way. She sees it as a lack of respect. Back in Episode 2 she was saying ‘I don’t feel like I belong,’ and now she’s pointing out the things she’s done to belong.

TTVJ: Two is going around and telling everyone not to keep secrets but she’s not telling any of her own. When will this catch up with her and when will we finally learn more about her?

JM: Next episode. 

TTVJ: Finally!

JM: Well next episode and then the following one really. Her thinking is ‘I tell them this, I open up a can of worms that could undermine my authority.’ In her mind it’s not a danger to the crew. In many ways it’s a benefit. In her mind, heading off and seeking revenge is a detriment to the crew. Keeping a secret like you had a secret identity? That may point to a reason for the mind wipe and could be an issue. One is also a powerful, wealthy man who like Four and the throne, is something they could exploit and they should know. But in her mind the cons clearly outweigh the pros about letting them know.

TTVJ: She and Three had that discussion about who the traitor could be. Can you give any indication as to whether they were headed down the right path? It almost seems like Two thinks it could be her.

JM: At face value if you look at what they say it makes sense. Five, she’s the techie but what would be her reason for wiping the memories? In the case of Four you say he’s ruled by honor and loyalty so it doesn’t make sense. But then again he had the horrible slashing of Akita, but you could say he doesn’t have a present loyalty to Akita. Then you have the case of Six and this is a guy with 10,000 lives on his head. How would someone like that be able to pull off a deal? So it comes down to One, Two or Three. One has his reasons but you’d think he’s really just after Three. Three is an opportunist and we’ve already established that so possibly. In the case of Two, as evidence by the fact that she’s keeping her healing ability secret, is very calculating.


TTVJ: Why did you pick Charlotte’s Web for the book and what was the scenario that led to that being passed around the ship?

JM: Making a mention of it in the first episode that a classic was being read and I just loved the notion that they have these classic reading materials that goes from person to person. It could be anything and I just loved the idea but you set up the gag that you take a spider that’s a know it all and pay it off visually at the end with this guy–I was surprised how many people hated him after that first episode. They didn’t even warm up to him after Episode 2, but over time, in our eyes we rehabilitated him and you see another side of him, especially with that Sara episode. Now he’s back to being his jerk self, but this was just a snapshot and visual, quick way that makes him all the more endearing. It’s a character beat that I think pays off handsomely. 

TTVJ: You’ve said Episode 10 is one of your favourites. Can you give us a quick preview?

JM: Yes, Episode 10 and Episode 13. Episode 13 is just a huge WTF episode where a bunch of stuff we set up pays off in a great way. In the case of Episode 10 they come across a familiar face who sets them up on an “op” and they discover that they are going on an “op” with another team. Our crew is bad, but this crew is even worse. The episode is directed by our stunt coordinator John Stead, who did a brilliant job, and our guest stars are amazing.

Ennis Esmer who has been on The Listener and now on Red Oaks is fantastic as Wexler who is the leader of the group. Jessica Sippos (Ascension) and John Cor (Shadowhunters) play a duo that may seem like siblings but it’s really weird. Torri Higginson (Stargate) makes a reappearance as well. It’s got great humour and some great character interactions. There’s some really horrifying moments and some really great couple of moments for Two where you see how scary and kickass a leader she is. By the way you’re going to hate this other team, especially Wexler, the leader of this team. You will despise him!


What are your thoughts on Episode 9? Are you as eager to find out about Two as we are? Sound off with all your Dark Matter thoughts in the comments below!

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