Dark Matter Episode 8 Postmortem: Out for Revenge


Revenge seems to be the name of the game on Dark Matter as the WTF moments to end each episode returned in a big way with Episode 8. We finally learned the truth about One’s identity and what he’s doing on board the Raza. Six also tried (and failed) to get revenge on The General and Four seemed ready to start his own quest for revenge by the end of the episode.

What will all these shocking moments mean going forward? Read on below for our weekly chat with Dark Matter co-creator Joseph Mallozzi as he gives some insight into how these characters will react moving forward, as well as what we can expect in Episode 9.


The TV Junkies: We finally learned One’s true identity is Derrick Moss and that he’s on board to get revenge on Three who is wanted for the murder of his wife. What does One do with this information?

Joseph Mallozzi: Like everything else we don’t string things along. It’s something that he’s going to follow up on and we’re going to deal with next episode. Like most things in this episode we aren’t going to drag things out and we’re going to address head on–right away in the next episode.

TTVJ: Four contacted his brother, Hiro at the end of the episode. Can you preview what’s next in that story?

JM: At the end of Episode 6 we realize that two of our crew members found out about their pasts and they aren’t going to let it go. In Episode 8 Six makes his bid for revenge and in Episode 9 it’s Four’s turn.

These two, at the very beginning and in the first half of our season were two of our quieter characters. As we get into the meat of the series they are two of the characters we actually know the most about. It’s a true ensemble show in that we try to balance the spotlight and see that all of our characters get their fair share. Four has been very quiet at the beginning, but in Episode 9 he gets an episode to himself. Of course we’ll be dealing with fallout back on the ship from other issues as well.

TTVJ: Two wants everyone on board to be honest with each other but they all still have secrets. Will she follow the Android’s advice and reveal her secrets soon and will we soon learn more about Two?

JM: Eventually we will learn about Two. She’s always trying to balance her role as commander with her role as comrade as well. It’s a tough role to manage. In the back of her mind she’s always thinking of what’s best for the crew and ultimately what’s best for her as a commander and to make sure that role is not undermined.


TTVJ: What does learning that she has feelings mean for the Android? Will we learn any more why she has feelings?

JM: We will. She begins to do some detective work in her own way to figure out what’s up. In a way it’s not that surprising to the audience or even to Five, but it’s a confirmation–I see on the boards a lot ‘Well it doesn’t make sense,’ or ‘it’s like she has emotions, but why would she have emotions.’ But here we confirm the fact that yes, she does have emotions. As a utilitarian Android she really shouldn’t have emotions. So what is up? That’s a question that like other questions will be answered sooner rather than later.

TTVJ: How will we see the events of this week, with Six pulling away from Five, affect their relationship going forward?

JM: You’re going to see it develop right away. Since the events of Episode 6 these facts have weighed heavily on Six and are slowly eating away at him. He had his chance at revenge and blew it. In Episode 9 he’s going to be having a conversation with someone about that revenge. The fact that who they are and what awaits them becomes ever more present with him and it certainly affects his relationship with Five in that it magnifies his over protectedness for her. That spirals their relationship off into a strange, new direction.

TTVJ: With One and Three’s bromance brought to an abrupt halt we saw the development of a new one between Three and Four. Will we see that relationship grow at all moving forward?

JM: It was a lot of fun and Four’s kind of the quiet, stoic character. All of our characters are funny in different ways and he’s very funny in that straight, direct way. There will be more opportunities for that and in next episode he opens up quite a bit as we find out more about him.

There’s a scene I’m thinking of later on in the season where he’s brutally honest with One in a really interesting exchange. As we move forward we start to explore those kinds of relationships that we haven’t gotten to yet.


TTVJ: What can you tell us about Episode 9?

JM: Four has reached out to his half brother and there was a suggestion in Episode 1 that in the past they had a very good relationship. But in the flashback in Episode 6 you don’t know if his brother is complicit in the death of the Emperor. It doesn’t seem like it. It seems as though Four is gambling in an attempt to win back his throne. Whether he’s successful or things go as planned remain to be seen.

There’s a revelation about One’s past and what he found out about Derrick Moss and his revenge for Marcus Boone. He has to ask himself if revenge is still in the cards. Does he seek revenge for someone he doesn’t remember against one of the few unlikely allies he has moving forward?

There’s a scene around the end of Episode 9 that is kind of a shocker. There’s a PA in our office that reads all the scripts and he’s not really affected by many. There were two instances that made him jump out of his seat reading them. One is at the end of Episode 10 and one is this moment in Episode 9 which reveals and casts some light on a character in a surprising fashion.


Were you surprised by this week’s ending? What do you think One will do with all this new information? Sound off in the comments below!

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