Dark Matter Episode 7 Postmortem: A Rose does not a Romance Make


TTVJ: Speaking of Zoie’s Android, is she going to be OK or will she be suffering any lasting affects from this week?

JM: This is one of those incidents, we’ve seen in other TV shows where someone is injured and they are back at it next episode, but this is an injury where she takes two or three in the chest so she’ll be out of commission into the next episode. At some point she’ll be back online, we’ll have to see when.

TTVJ: We have to talk about the scene with Zoie and the accents. How many of those did she already possess?

JM: As I said we were short and it was a scene I wanted to do in my head when we wrote the episode. This episode was written by Robert Cooper, former Stargate producer, who did a fantastic job but once you get into production you tweak here and there. So this scene was a case of that and I approached Zoie about it.

Originally I thought it would be fun if she did it in a British accent and then I thought ‘why don’t we break it down?’ So we got British, German, Irish and then I asked her about the Jamaican. So we consulted with Roger, who is Jamaican, about the delivery and then she said ‘Why don’t I finish it with Australian?’ I said ‘great’ and she said ‘when I say I have two dozen accents to choose from can I add twoooo dozen!’ I was like ‘Sure!’ It was hilarious and every time we did a take the crew just busted out laughing. Marc Bendavid could hardly keep a straight face. I just love that scene and hopefully the fans are going to love it.

Hopefully the Android fans are going to love this episode. Again we see some more insights into her character. We had another great scene with Five and I love those two together. It’s quite funny because a lot of their scenes, when the show comes in short and I have to write another scene on the day of the shoot, a lot of those scenes ended up being Android/Five scenes. As it turns out the arc for the Android is one of my favourite arcs. We find out about all the other characters and you think the Android is in the background but you start to find out little things about her. Clearly this episode she’s jealous or envious of Wendy, which is not as odd for an Android but is certainly odd for a utilitarian ship-based Android. Why would she be programmed with envy? That is something that gets addressed in the coming episodes and I think in surprising fashion. Android fans are in for a treat as well.