Dark Matter Episode 7 Postmortem: A Rose does not a Romance Make


TTVJ: How will learning about his history with her affect him moving forward? Will he become cuddlier?

JM: Well this is a serialized show so he will feel the affect of the lost next episode. How much of that changes him with regards to the others? It certainly makes them aware of what he’s capable of and the type of person he is. It certainly opens the character up for the audience, but in terms of changing him—he is who he is.

TTVJ: We met Wendy and with things like “dunking the cosmic donut,” how much fun did you guys have coming up with the skills and talents for her?

JM: That was a lot of fun. This episode was actually short and there were a couple episodes I ended up writing on the day. Because it was Ruby Rose I wanted to adjust from the first draft and a couple of things come to note, like the fun sexuality and coming up with “dunking the cosmic donut.” One of the things is that when the description of the episode came out she was described as the Entertainment Model which is something I wanted to emphasize. She’s there to entertain them and dance, cook and sexuality is a part of it.

I didn’t want to refer to it as a ’sex-bot’ even though that’s one of the things that comes out. In the scene with One, it isn’t him saying ‘Oh she’s a sex-bot I’m going to make use of her.’ She comes in and actually comes on to him and he says ‘What do you get out of it?’ and she says ‘I have pleasure receptors too.’ So it’s clear she’s coming on to him because she would enjoy the experience. I want to emphasize that she’s not this sex doll but is capable of a wide range of pleasures from cooking to those bedroom antics. At the end Three says ‘I thought you were programmed for fun?’ She lets him have it and he’s down on the ground and she cocks her arm back and says ‘I find your view on female Androids antiquated and insulting.’ So she’s very different from the sex-bot, obviously because she’s programmed for violence as well, but she’s very different from the meek sex bot we may be used to.


TTVJ: Wendy was obviously in bad shape by the end of the episode but as you’ve said this is science fiction, so any chance to get Ruby Rose back for Season 2?

JM: Well she’s been beheaded and presumably blasted out to space, but this is sci-fi so yes. A lot of those Androids are custom built, but a lot of them are factory models so yea, there’s definitely a chance we could see another Zoie-like Android or Ruby-like Android in the future, of course.