Dark Matter Episode 7 Postmortem: A Rose does not a Romance Make


This was the Dark Matter episode many fans had been waiting for as Orange is the New Black‘s breakout star, Ruby Rose, guest starred as entertainment model Android Wendy. Unfortunately for the crew of the Raza, Wendy certainly turned out to be more than they expected, and she clashed with Dark Matter‘s resident Android (Zoie Palmer) leaving some possible lasting affects for the ship’s bot. However, viewers may have been surprised to see that it was actually Anthony Lemke’s resident bad boy Three that ended up stealing the show with a very heartfelt look into his backstory.

Three’s history was brought up when the crew discovered Sarah (guest star Natalie Brown), a woman who knew Three before he joined the Raza. “Going in this was one of the toughest scripts to write because on one hand you have the overall hilarity of the crew enjoying Wendy’s company, and on the other hand you have a sad, really grounded story of Three, the resident bad guy, dealing with this woman from his past who he sadly doesn’t remember,” Dark Matter co-creator Joseph Mallozzi told The TV Junkies. The pairing of Lemke and Brown on screen together made things easier as “they had this nice on screen chemistry, they had worked together before and knew each other. They were a nice on screen and off screen couple,” said Mallozzi.

As we do every week, we talked with Mallozzi all about Episode 7 for more information on Three’s backstory, a look into how some of Wendy’s special talents and skills came about and how things are looking for the Android next week. Read on below for his answers and also get a preview at what to expect from Episode 8.


The TV Junkies: Who is Cyrus King and will he show up sooner rather than later?

Joseph Mallozzi: He’s obviously someone from their past but basically it goes back to what Six was saying in Episode 2. They are very bad people and they’ve got enemies, rivals and the Galactic Authority—none of whom they’ll see coming because they don’t remember a thing past when they woke up. This is a great example of that and that he wants the ultimate revenge on a group of people who don’t remember who the hell he is. He’s a character who will pop up later rather than sooner. There’s a bunch of other things we’ll be paying off.

TTVJ: As we’ve seen with some of the other crew members Three is actually a pretty good guy underneath…

JM: Well I’ll hold you right there because this is one of the things that’s been raised recently where people are saying ‘They are actually good guys.’ Well yes and no. If you look at it in the case of Roger’s [Cross] character Six, he was doing bad things for what he felt was a good cause and then ended up doing worse things through no fault of his own. He’s got a bit of a conscious but then he goes and kills those people—which when you’ve killed 10,000 people what’s 5 more?

In the case of Alex’s character Four you realize he was actually an honourable, good kid done wrong by his stepmother and you think ‘well maybe he’s not such a bad guy.’ But if you think back to Episode 1, Five thinks back to ‘I was at the palace and they came after me but instead of killing them I just carved out their eyes and left them for my stepmother to find.’ This is not a good guy. Sorry.

In the case of Three, you hint that he’s done a lot of bad things and has a lot of bad history but then this woman he meets brings out the good part of him. But any person, you could argue, on the surface they don’t see themselves as bad. I would not go so far as to call him good. There’s some good in him but I think there’s some good in everyone, even the worst people.

TTVJ: Well he was on her planet because he was a mercenary for hire.

JM: Yes, basically you get the sense that he was a bad person before he met Sarah. He was good with her and then in his search for a cure for her, while he kept her on ice, he became the bad person again. There are certain people that can bring out the best in someone and she was that person for him.