Dark Matter Episode 5 Postmortem: Space Zombies?


Zombies in space? The surprises just keep coming on Dark Matter and we’re left wondering what will they throw at us next? The Raza crew, desperate for money, took a salvage job on what was supposed to be a deserted space freighter. Once they got on board the crew came across “space zombies” and learned of a virus that could cause great danger to the human race if it were to get out.

On a show like Dark Matter the mysteries don’t end there as we saw an infected Two (Melissa O’Neil) learn that she was immune to the virus, something that no other human has survived, and not only that, but she healed from her injuries in record time. Could it be that she’s not quite human after all? What will the others think if this news gets out?

Thankfully, as he does every week, Dark Matter’s co-creator Joseph Mallozzi sat down with us to break down Episode 5 and preview what’s to come. Mallozzi was kind enough to squeeze our chat in amongst his duties promoting the show at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend. Read on for all his thoughts about viruses, zombies and more!

The TV Junkies: So first things first, Two was immune from the virus and healed quickly. What can you say about that? Could it be she’s not human?

Joseph Mallozzi: I don’t know. Could it have something to do with the virus? Does the virus work in a different way? Is it something about her physiology? We’re going to find out. It’s like everything, we do have answers you just have to wait.

TTVJ: Will we learn more about this corporation that was doing the pharmaceutical research? Will we see any more space zombies?

JM: We will come across Traugott Corporation later in the season. As for the zombies, I am calling them “the infected,” and we probably won’t see them again this season.


TTVJ: So what’s going with Two and Three sleeping together?

JM: She’s a woman who takes charge, can take what she wants and I think she realizes that if she’s going to have a physical relationship with someone, and that’s what this is, she doesn’t want to have that emotional connection. Three seems to be a candidate. It’s one of those cases where, in the traditional sense a guy uses a girl, but in this case it’s her in the driver’s seat–much to One’s displeasure.

TTVJ: Three seems to be feeling some guilt over blackmailing One, is that one of the main motivators as to why he turned Two down at the end?

JM: You can read it two ways–on one hand it’s exactly as you say and he’s not as bad as he seems. On the other hand you can see it as ‘Hey, if he gives up the secret now he stands nothing to gain from it.’ However, as long as he holds onto it, even though One is defiant now, it’s not to say he can’t use it down the line and it can be mercenary. 

TTVJ: So does Three back off the blackmailing angle for awhile with One and give him a break?

JM: Yes, he’s not going to be quite as pushy but he’s going to make him aware that the secret still exists.

TTVJ: Two and Five seemed to have made up over what happened in the casino. Will they be good going forward and get back to that big sister/little sister relationship?

JM: In situations like that things are better certainly than last episode, but there are certain things and incidents that affect relationships and have reverberations moving forward. Even though they had the talk and they seem to reconnect, in the back of Five’s mind, subconsciously, the fact that she saw Two brutally kill five people is not something she’s going to be able to shake out so easily. 


TTVJ: We also saw Five get close to the Android again when she asked for help uncovering information with the key card. We learned that it was part of “larger system to access pockets of extra dimensional space.” Can you give any further hints about what that means?

JM: The best way I can describe it is like back in the old Looney Tunes cartoons and a character was being chased and they’d pull out what looked like a black hole. They would put it on the ground, be able to reach in and pull out who knows what out of that hole. In my mind they were accessing an inter-dimensional pocket that exists in an area of space and time that we can’t physically access in our reality unless you have the key. 

So essentially this is a key that will allow someone to access this pocket of space-time. If you have that card there are key locations throughout colonized space where you can go and access these pockets of time and that’s what we will find out eventually. If you have the key the key is synced to whatever that particular vault or pocket contains. How big is the pocket is something that we’re going to find out.

TTVJ: Because I have a toddler I’m going to think of it as a Mary Poppins’ bag.

JM: OK, yes that’s perfect! Even better. [laughs] 

TTVJ: Four, being the logical person that he is, was very willing and ready to help Two die with dignity. Was that any indication to his past, possibly something he has done before for others?

JM: Everything from the way they interact with each other to the way they react to situations are hints to their past. The fact that Two hooks up with Three may be a hint. Four’s offer of wanting to end her life is potentially a hint as well. One’s feelings for Two–potentially a hint as well.

TTVJ: This is the second job that they’ve failed to properly complete. How much longer can they afford to do this given that they need money so badly?

JM: Clearly not that much longer. They went into that ship with not all of the information. So in this case they have a good reason for it going sideways. They will have to deal with the fallout right off the top of Episode 6.

TTVJ: Is David [Hewlett who played Tabor Calcheck] then back in Episode 6?

JM: He is back! He’ll be making a couple more appearances moving forward.

TTVJ: Everyone seems to have personal issues going on except for Six. Will we see him get some more screen time coming up?

JM: In fact next episode we finally start delving into backstories, the backstories of Four, Five and Six. So everyone who is wondering ‘How did Five end up on the ship?’ We’ll get that answer next episode.


TTVJ: Yes we’ve heard Jodelle [Ferland] say Episode 6 is the big Five episode.

JM: Yes, in fact Jodelle is so good in that episode. It’s an acting tour de force for her. She’s just so amazing in it.

TTVJ: Then Ruby Rose-mania hits in Episode 7.

JM: Yes Episode 7 is Ruby Rose-mania. Then Episodes 8 and 9 is where we find out more backstories of a couple of our characters. Episode 10 is a big “op” episode and Torri Higginson will be making another re-appearance as Commander Truffault. Episode 12 is another character backstory and it all leads towards Episode 13 which is our big finale.


Dark Matter fans be sure to hit up the comments with your theories about Two, the virus and everything else going on aboard the Raza! We want to hear what you think!

For more information fans should be sure to check out Mallozzi’s blog for all kinds of answers to your Dark Matter questions and fun behind the scenes pictures and facts.

Dark Matter airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on SyFy and Space Channel.

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