Dark Matter Episode 3 Postmortem: Who is the real Jace Corso?


Three episodes into Dark Matter‘s first season and we should come to expect it by now. The moment that will end the episode and leave viewers shocked and eager to find out what happens next. This week’s shocker came in the form of someone that looks mighty familiar to Dark Matter viewers, as we were introduced to a man who was calling himself Jace Corso. It’s confusing you see because haven’t we already met Jace Corso? The pilot episode told us that Jace Corso was the real name of One (Marc Bendavid), so we’re left to wonder what’s really going on here?

The drama wasn’t limited to One’s dopplegänger, as the crew’s ship malfunctioned and saw the Android (Zoie Palmer) risking her life to fix a faulty part despite objections from Three (Anthony Lemke) and Four (Alex Mallari Jr.). Elsewhere, Five (Jodelle Ferland) mysteriously was drawn to and discovered a dead teenage boy on board the ship.

So while there may have been some answers to our questions from last week, we were left asking a whole new set of ones as we sat down for our weekly post-episode chat with Dark Matter co-creator Joseph Mallozzi. As he does ever week here at The TV Junkies, he provided us with some insights and clues as to what’s going on, debunked a few fan theories and gave a preview of next week’s episode. Read on for his full thoughts below.

The TV Junkies: First things first, was that the real Jace Corso sitting at the bar at the end of the episode? Who is the Jace Corso (aka One) that we’ve been watching the last three episodes?

Joseph Mallozzi: Well it remains to be seen but the guy at the bar seems to think he is the real Jace Corso. In the comic book that was the final scene. Originally that scene was supposed to be in Episode 2, but we moved it to Episode 3 because Episode 2 ends with that great moment where we find out somebody wiped their memories because they are dangerous. So we decided to put that at the end of Episode 3 and it capped off the episode quite nicely given that they do all these lie detector tests, everybody comes clean and the realization of, ‘Hey we’re never going to know. So let’s just move on.’ Then basically the audience finds out moments later.

He tells the bartender that he’s been trying to catch up with them for quite awhile. He will catch up with him, I’ll give you that–sooner than later.


TTVJ: Five seemed to have a flash of recognition near the end of the episode when she finds the box containing the key card and gun. Was that what happened and is that box connected to the dead teenage boy found on board?

JM: Definitely. The fact that she dropped in there and she gives that look suggests that she had, whatever you will call it, a sense of intuition and then she goes to the box. She knew the kid was there and her intuition led her to the boy. Then when she goes back and it leads her to the box suggests that the contents of the box, whatever that keycard and gun are, were probably hers.

TTVJ: Two has a theory that the flashes Five has are all of their memories. Is that really the case or will it maybe be that they are all Five’s memories?

JM: That’s a pretty safe assumption given that the flashes she’s receiving–the fans have been like, ‘Maybe she’s psychic’ or ‘She’s picking up on people’s thoughts when she’s in proximity,’ or ‘Maybe she’s actually a robot who’s neurally linked to the ship.’ The Android one is actually very interesting, but what do they need two Androids on the ship for? The first two stray a little more into fantasy territory. It works in theory that because of whatever accident wiped their memory somehow ended up imprinting many of their memories in her subconscious. That is a sound one, let’s put it that way, it’s a very sound one and something we will be exploring later in the season as well.

TTVJ: Early in the episode Two pulled the Android aside and asked for a favour. Did that favour involve making the ship malfunction to test the crew?

JM: Again you can read into it what you will, but the most likely response to that is exactly how it turned out–the explanation being that she finds the kid and this is her opportunity to ask the Android to check the stasis records to find if anybody screwed with the stasis pods and confirm Five’s dream. It turns out she does confirm it, but before they have a talk to really discuss Five has already told Six. He confronts her on the bridge and she comes clean and says, ‘Look I asked her to look into this,’ which is essentially what she was talking about when she said, ‘I need you to do something for me and keep it quiet.’

Ultimately the Android, her directive or job is to keep the ship and its crew safe. That’s her directive. When we first encounter her she’s essentially on kill mode. Why is a good question and I’ll float another theory by you. These guys are criminals and if something happened to them while they are in stasis they are going to turn their security Android on kill-mode so if anyone comes on board the ship they take them out. Presumably they know whatever the code is to turn her off or reboot her–unless of course they have their memories wiped in which case she would see them all as threats. Just another theory to throw out.


TTVJ: The Android proved to be a valuable member of the crew this week and started bonding with Two a lot. Do they start to see her as a real part of the team from here on out?

JM: I think this is a struggle that they are all going to have. It’s almost like a big dysfunctional family where they all have trouble getting along and trouble fitting in, especially Five. She essentially voices that in Episode 2 when she’s not up on the screen and wants to be a part of the crew. The Android, a little more subtlely, but over the course of the season will deal with her own issues of trying to fit in and being accepted as one of them.

TTVJ: One kissed Two but then he ran away. Will they discuss that at all or just pretend like it never happened?

JM: He will wrestle with it and the circumstances–that’s actually right off the top in Episode 4. It weighs heavily on his mind, not so much her. His pulling away was his reaction to her. There was actually a little more to this scene but we ended up trimming it down. We did it where they pull away and he picks up right away that she’s not interested. She basically realizes, and it’s something we’ll hit on later on, that while he’s obviously smitten with her, she as the leader of this crew realizes that if she hooks up with him it’s going to create all sorts of emotional repercussions that will run through their relationship and the rest of the crew. It’s something she sees as problematic.

TTVJ: Four continues to be the scariest crew member of them all–thanks in part to Alex’s [Mallari Jr.] eerily calm portrayal. He’s very logical and calculating so was he only siding with Three this week because he didn’t see the value in risking their lives to save the Android or was there something more behind it?

JM: Three sees a potential ally in Four in that even though Three reacts emotionally to situations it’s usually for his own benefit. It’s interesting because Four and Six when they weigh a situation they usually come down on the same side. Six I think more than any other character is a good counterpart to Two because he’s able to balance emotion and logic, whereas Four is almost pure logic. That’s what Three tries to exploit in him, the fact that he’s void of emotion when he makes decision.

He tried to appeal to him by saying, ‘Look that’s a machine out there. These are our lives, if we don’t jump we could die out here.’ He’s not wrong and ultimately they do have the time to bring the Android in, but what he’s pitching and his motivation to take the bridge isn’t a result of any mercenary aspects on his part. It’s like self preservation not only for him but for the rest of the crew. It’s an argument that makes sense to Four and frankly it’s an argument that makes sense to Two at the end when One goes to see her and he’s like, ‘What are you going to do with the mutineers?’ and she’s like, ‘What do you want? We thought it was worth it to get the Android and they didn’t. If the shield hadn’t lasted everyone on the ship would’ve died and they would’ve been proven correct.’

Yes, at the end of the day Three spearheaded this mutiny and got Four on his side but they weren’t motivated by anything other than self preservation. Then there’s the view of the Android and what is she as an entity? Three never calls her an Android. He always calls her “the Robot.” It’s very clear how he feels about her. Will that change over the course of a season? Who knows.


TTVJ: Is Three going to continue to try and break free from the group or will he fall in line and work with the rest of the team?

JM: To describe them as a dysfunctional family is apropos. Family members don’t always get along, you always have your black sheep family members but at the end of the day they’re all you’ve got. As Six pointed out in Episode 2, ‘We’re on the run from former victims, former employers, rivals–none of whom will stop coming.’ So essentially they’ve got only each other to depend on. At first Three seems to think the best thing to do is go their separate ways. He’s very assured about his abilities. As time goes on I think he’ll begin to realize there is strength in numbers.

TTVJ: He’s assured of his abilities because he has Bubba!

JM: He does. He does. [laughs]

TTVJ: What can you preview about Episode 4?

JM: Next week’s episode is very different. One of the great things about the show is that as we begin to peel the onions on all the different characters you can tell very different shows. Episode 1 was almost claustrophobic and a focus on the mystery. Episode 2 was wide open and action driven. Episode 3 was a paranoia fueled storytelling where everyone is together. Episode 4 is almost like an Altman movie where everybody goes off. They finally stop off at the space station.

This episode is directed by Amanda Tapping, Stargate’s Samantha Carter. She did such a great job. The cast and the crew loved, loved, loved her and we tried to get her back for a second episode but her schedule just wouldn’t allow it. We definitely want to have her back for Season 2.

All of our characters are dealing with different things on the space station. One and Three end up getting corralled to deal with something as they go out to find a buyer for the weapons they have on board the ship. Two and Five end up on their own little adventure. Six is dealing with an injury. Four is trying to find out more about that ring in the puzzle box. The Android is feeling a little lonely as she’s left alone on the ship. Ultimately the past catches up with one of our characters in a big way at the space station stop over.


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