Dark Matter Episode 11 Postmortem: Looking ahead to a shocking finale


After a season of wondering who or what Two (Melissa O’Neil) is, Dark Matter finally gave us an answer in Episode 11. She’s not an Android, but she’s not exactly human either. In fact, she’s a “advanced biosynthetic organism” to be exact. How will this newfound knowledge affect her and the Raza crew moving forward? They may have broke free of Wexler and his crew, but just what was that device they delivered that destroyed an entire planet? What will the repercussions be?

Thankfully co-creator Joseph Mallozzi was kind enough to once again sit down with us for our weekly chat to talk about Two’s big reveal and how that device will factor into the last two episodes of Season 1. Episodes 12 and 13 will be airing back-to-back on Friday, August 28 at 9 p.m. on both SyFy and Space Channel.

The TV Junkies: We finally learned what Two is. Will she be sharing this information with the rest of the crew soon?

Joseph Mallozzi: She really at this point has no choice. At the end of the episode she has a conversation with the Android and Five goes in and talks to them and essentially tells them what she knows or what Two told her. At that point, at the end they are all kind of aware of what’s going on. There’s a scene that kicks off Episode 12 where she’s obviously overwhelmed by what she learned. She knew she was different she just didn’t know the specifics. Having learned the specifics she’s overwhelmed and there’s a great scene where One approaches her. I’ll just leave it at that but it’s a great scene for Marc (Bendavid) and Melissa. Then we really get into the meat of who she is in Episode 12. 

TTVJ: The end of this episode we saw the guys all being suspicious of Two. Will that continue?

JM: At the end of this week they are hit by the shock. The double shock of her true nature but also the shock of her having kept a secret from them for so long. Understandably they are annoyed or kind of suspicious. How long that lasts really is a testament of what kind of people they are. One, their character and two, essentially necessity where she committed a sin of omission by not being upfront with them about it. She is different but on the other hand she’s never demonstrated any sort of disloyalty and is in fact a huge asset. In fact what she is would make her even more of an asset one would argue.

It’s funny because I was reading those early episode reviews and a lot of guys were like “oh this is just ridiculous, a woman beating up a guy.” They really fixated on that scene where Two beats the crap out of One. They were like ‘Oh the Android beats up the guy, and now here’s another female that beats up a guy. How does a woman like that beat up a guy? It’s so ridiculous.’ It’s definitely a recurring theme in our show and with the Android you know why she’s capable. Now you know why she [Two] was able–A because One was so totally out of his element and unable to put up a proper fight but B she’s more than human. Hopefully they are satisfied with that.


TTVJ: Two sent Wexler out the airlock after promising she wouldn’t …

JM: True, she did say ‘I promise I’ll let you out.’ She did let him out. So technically …

But yes, it does show a darker side of her and you will continue to see a darker side of her. Throughout this episode where she’s killing people left and right is a darker side of her and you’ll see again a darker side of her in Episode 12.

I was reading one review this morning and it mentioned Four and they said they found it really dark when they are on the research station and he’s taking on those guards. Everyone else seems to disable the guards but Four goes in slicing and dicing and severely injures, if not kills, the security guards. Some of the viewers said ‘it doesn’t feel right because these people didn’t work for the bad guy they were just guards on the security station.’ My response to that is ‘well this is the guy that skewered his old mentor in Episode 9.’ So yes, this is all intentional and all building towards something bigger.

TTVJ: They found and delivered that device that ultimately destroyed the planet. Can you give us any more information about what that device is?

JM: It’s white hole technology. It was a bomb that was being tested by Traugott Corp and we find out early on in Episode 12 that they were set up. Trauggott wanted to test the bomb but couldn’t really test it–what are they going to do blow up an entire planet? Everything is going to go back to them. So they allow another corporation to steal the bomb, it’s in their hands and the bomb blows up. Successful experiment. They have plausible deniability because it wasn’t on one of their research stations.

Our team is kind of screwed on both sides. One by Trauggott, somehow being connected to the explosion and what the hell does Mikkei and Truffault think of their involvement? Do you think they were set up too or were they in on it?

It’s all building, this incident, if we get to do a Season 2, we’re going to build on these incidents and how it affects things on a bigger scope. In Season 1 we wanted to focus on the characters and Season 2 we start more world building a little more aggressively. 


TTVJ: Five had her first kill this week when she shot Cain. How does that affect her moving forward?

JM: I think a little bit. The event will affect those around her a little more. I’ll leave it at that but it does get addressed in Episode 12 and 13. Episode 13 is my favourite episode just because if you like twists and turns and big reveals–we finally find out who wiped their memories and ultimately maybe the person that wiped their memories is not who they have to worry about.

TTVJ: Three was very emotional about losing Two. He was her “uncomplicated” relationship but does this mean he maybe has real feelings for her?

JM: Clearly he has feelings for her. Clearly she’s more than just a crewmate to him, he actually cares about her. It’s something that she will ask him in Episode 13 and there’s a conversation where she says ‘when I was in that airlock you were the one that gave up the code. Why did you do it?’ He provides a very interesting response. 

TTVJ: Wexler brought up a Danny Bone who knew Jace Corso. Will we ever meet Danny or hear of him again?

JM: Not in the near future. We’ve only got 2 more episodes to go so Danny Bone may be a story for another time.

TTVJ: Is there anything else you want to add about Episode 11?

JM: The guest stars were really amazing and the most difficult part of the episode was losing them. I’ve worked with Ennis [Esmer] before and he was just terrific. Jessica [Sipos] in that fight scene with Melissa was amazing. They were all bummed that they were killed off but as I used to tell people on Stargate all the time, ‘This is science fiction. No one ever really dies in science fiction!’


TTVJ: I was actually a little disappointed we lost Wexler for those reasons but intrigued by what it meant for Two’s character.

JM: Cold, cold, cold. Like Four she makes–though you could argue Four’s decision is crueler. The series is all about parallels and that’s another one, and do you want a live enemy or a dead one? Logically a dead one in the long run helps you out a lot more and they both make those bold calculations. 

TTVJ: It’s also exciting because Will Wheaton is Episode 12.

JM: Yep, Will’s in Episode 12 and one thing I will say about the finale is that I have the five seasons envisioned in my head and what I want. I envision them as installments in a book series and even though it ends with a ‘Holy Shit!’ moment it’s an effective closing chapter.

What we did on Stargate:Universe is that we didn’t know whether or not we were coming back and Paul [Mullie] had a brilliant idea to do a visual bookend. It’s a beautiful scene at the end where the ship has just jumped to FTL and usually when that happens we’re on the other side and see the ship come out. But in this episode the ship jumps to FTL and leaves us behind and it’s a cliffhanger. But in other ways it really works as an effective closer, a melancholy bittersweet close.

One thing I will say about the ending and the finale is that not everything is spelled out but if you look at the clues you can piece it together. I’m not referring to who wiped their memories. We find out who did that. The ‘why’ you can put together theoretically and the big twist at the end you have to pay close attention and you’ll be able to at least put together a bit of the pieces.


Sounds like the theories will be flying after next week’s finale? What did you think of the reveal about what Two really is? Sound off in our comments below!

Dark Matter fans should be sure to check out Mallozzi’s blog for all kinds of answers to your Dark Matter questions and fun behind the scenes pictures and facts.

Dark Matter’s first season concludes with two back-to-back episodes on Friday, August 28 at 9 p.m. ET on SyFy and Space Channel.