Survivor’s hot mess


Had he managed to last one more tribal, Dale Wentworth might have made it to the merger Wednesday on Survivor: San Juan del Sur. But broken up about the eviction of his daughter immediately before and running on no sleep, he couldn’t quite do it, even while trying to leverage his bogus immunity idol.

“That vote took place on Father’s Day,” Wentworth says of his daughter’s ouster. “That was a really bad day,” he says. “Her birthday was the week before and then Kelley got voted out. For 12 to 18 hours, I was a hot mess. I was lashing out and everybody left me alone because I wasn’t a friendly guy around camp.”

Mostly, he and his daughter had their game thwarted thanks to the merger of the tribes, an arbitrary scrambling that messed with all the alliances they had made on their individual tribes.

“All her alliances stayed on Hunahpu and all my alliances went to Hunahpu,” Wentworth says. “The game put a twist in there that sometimes you can’t recover from. It’s not like we’re the first ones. There have been a lot of tribe swaps that have blown things up for people before.”

Eviction also seemed inevitable for Wentworth because at 55 he was one of the older guys in the game (Keith, at 53, was on the same team), which ended up being just one more thing separating him from his teammates.

“I think it might be more my location,” Wentworth says. “My daughter and I were West Coast, and everybody else was East Coast, they all live in the large cities,” he says, adding, “I was close to 30 years older than anyone else on the tribe, so they all had something immediately in common that was a very tough barrier for me personally to crack.”

One thing that was weird, though, and something he didn’t know until he watched it on TV last week, was how Hunahpu got to bargain their tarps and blankets after going through their stash of rice in record time. It was a move that disgusted Wentworth.

“I came to play Survivor, not Let’s Make a Deal,” he saus. “It was the Romper Room for Hunapu. They ate three times the amount of food that we did, and they got rewarded for it!”

Sacrifice is supposed to be part of the game, at least in Wentworth’s opinion.

“I would go without food for three day if you put me back on that island. You’re supposed to suffer. That’s how you open up the game. If you can’t make fire, you don’t get food and water for three days. It’s Survivor dammit, you’re supposed to outlast!”

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Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS and Global.