Crazyhead: Star Susan Wokoma Talks Crazy Fun New Series

E4/ Netflix
E4/ Netflix

As we have said in the past, Crazyhead is a show you don’t want to miss! While it has just six episodes in it’s first season, each one is jam packed with brilliant characters, hilarious bits, intense demon fight scenes, and even some surprises. The binge worthy show from the mastermind behind Misfits, Howard Overman, perfectly captures the weird little quirks of everyday life, and smashes them into a universe where it’s normal for demons to go after bowling alley employees and girls in Letterman jackets.

Praising Susan Wokoma and Cara Theobold for their performances as Raquel and Amy would take an eternity! The two young actresses make each scene better than the next, dominating the world in which the other delicious characters on the show live. None of these characters are perfect, they are all immensely flawed and strange in their own right, but somehow it all works. They blend seamlessly together and make for a believable group of weirdos.

Wokoma’s portrayal of the unconventional, riotous, demon slaying, badass Raquel is not only addicting to watch, it’s also unbelievably refreshing. Her character is unapologetically herself and she peppers in heartfelt quips just as fast as she can dish out extremely inappropriate punches. After speaking with Wokoma about her character, her hopes for a second season, and her love for Dawson’s Creek, it’s extremely apparent that while many traits separate Raquel from Wokoma, they do have a few similarities. Both are especially passionate, kind, and frankly, flat out hilarious people.


The TV Junkies: Raquel is incredibly unique as far as characters we’re seeing on TV. What drew you to her as a character and made you want to play her?

Susan Wokoma: The main reason was that I could tell from the script that there was something going on with her. Often a lot of trouble with the roles women get on TV is that there is maybe one thing going on behind their eyes or one thing going on in her head related to a man. So I was awfully excited at the idea that her character has a lot that is going on. She’s really involved physically as well, which is something Cara and I realized while filming. So to be completely engaged from the top of your head to the tip of your toes is what immediately stuck out as a good thing and an exciting thing to me.

TTVJ: Did you and Howard discuss her personality a lot or did you sort of fall into that as you went along in the episodes?

SW: [Laughs] We did have rehearsals, like a couple of days where it was me and Cara and a couple of the others and we sat around and asked Al (Mackay), our director of the first three episodes, loads and loads of questions–some of which he could answer, some of which he had to go back to Howard. I feel like that is a real luxury in television to have any rehearsal, whether it’s for a couple of days or a couple of hours. So in terms of generating her and finding out who she was, was a mix of just asking a few questions. I relied on my gut and on my instincts, which was really fun because I’ve only got to maybe do that once, completely create a character from the bottom up. It was so exciting and she’s weird and I’m quite weird. [Laughs]

TTVJ: Raquel and Amy have instant best friend chemistry. Did things just click instantly for you and Cara?

SW: Yeah! I had two auditions–my first initial audition and then I had my chemistry reading with Cara. We are so different but we are quite similar and that’s what we immediately realized, the way that we work, our work ethic are completely right on. Cara’s just more classy than I am. [laughs] But she’s not at all intimidated by my weird humor. Every time we would do a night shoot and it would strike midnight I would always get a little bit weird. I always get a bit hyperactive before I crash out, like a toddler. She was totally receiving of that, we’re very different but she’s like ‘I get it, you’ve just got to go a bit crazy for two hours and that’s fine and I’m right here.’ There was a lot about our natural dynamic that fed into the script. But don’t think that Cara isn’t also completely weird, she won’t like me saying that but she is. She’s a weirdo like me.

E4/ Netflix
E4/ Netflix

TTVJ: What was your favorite scene to do with Cara?

SW: There were loads! I really enjoyed our very first scene that we shot, which is the very first scene of the series that you see. In the warehouse with Suzanne all tied up and Amy goes and does her business on her. That was our very very first scene and that went on for about three or four days in a freezing cold warehouse. Poor Riann (Steele) who plays Suzanne was wearing next to nothing, like these tiny little pajamas and me and Cara in these clown masks. I have to say there were so many funny and brilliant moments, but that was so special because we were jumping into the thick of it and there is nothing that bonds people more than being freezing in a warehouse. It was a night shoot as well and I’ve not really done night shoots and neither had Cara, so we really really enjoyed those. I watch that and I go ‘Aww that was fun!’

TTVJ: There were so many good scenes. I remember the one distinct scene that always stands out to me is at the end of Episode 6 where Amy is trying to get Raquel to stop trying to kill everyone and Amy’s just yelling, ‘Throw your hands up. You’re Beyoncé throw your hands up!’

SW: [Laughs] That’s the thing like looking back at it when I watched it I was like, ‘Oh my God that’s like really funny.’ Me and Cara were doing it and we got it going, and she’s screaming at me and yelling come on and we just really played it like life and death. But looking back it’s just hilarious that she is taking it so seriously, ‘throw your hands up!’ I love that. Ultimately, it’s about those two women and how much they love each other, and that scene sort of captures that and rounds up the whole meaning of the entire series. I do love that a whole lot!

TTVJ: How would you describe Crazyhead to people who maybe haven’t binged it yet?

SW: I would say just put the Buffy comparison to the side for one minute. Buffy was it’s own thing and we know it from it’s beginning to it’s end and we are just beginning this journey. So if you want something that’s going to be funny and a bit scary and silly, and you want something some escapism with really good actors, and me, [laughs] then you should definitely give it a watch. It’s tremendous fun. Leave your problems at the door and watch two awesome girls beat up demons.

E4/ Netflix
E4/ Netflix

TTVJI do get the Buffy comparison in the beginning, but it really does fade away. A couple people told me ‘Oh it’s just like Buffy’ and then once I got to Episode 2 I was like, ‘Um it’s pretty different.’

SW: Howard is definitely aware of all of the tropes, the blonde really pretty girl who is sort of like a vampire slayer or whatever and people look at that image and go, ‘Oh we know what it is. We know exactly what it is.’ But it isn’t that at all. I think Howard’s done a great job of smashing a lot of the tropes. You have the guy who is like Angel and then in Episode 2 everyone goes, ‘Oh wow no, that’s not Angel. That’s her Dad.’ He really sets that up. And you do have a lot of people that are very, very passionate about Buffy and I think it’s another show to add to the cannon of strong, bold, young women fighting. The more that we have those the absolute better.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing this role, I feel like these characters, they do exist and they do have their own life and they are important, even though it’s completely silly. It’s just important to have women doing things, rather than sitting and reacting to what men say. I totally get the Buffy comparison. I think you’ll have a fun time if you just put that comparison away and just watch it for what it is, which is just absolute gory silliness.

TTVJ: I think the humor in it is definitely what separates the two. I think it was in Episode 4 with Mercy, where Raquel and Amy go to her house and she just asks them to take her muffins out of the oven for her. I think that was the best part!

SW: Yeah! That’s the merging the domestics as well, the fact that Mercy is a single mother, with kids and responsibilities and she has to take out the muffins, but she’s also been sent on a mission to kill Amy. A lot of the reactions since the show’s aired on Netflix are ‘oh my God, it’s so filthy’ and I’m just like ‘what does that say about me? I didn’t get that. Am I just a mess?’ I think the largest thing that separates us from Buffy is that we go there, and there are not too many restrictions here in the UK with what we can say and do and Howard just loved that. He’s a bit filthy. [laughs]

E4/ Netflix
E4/ Netflix

TTVJ: You guys haven’t heard about a Season 2 yet, right?

SW: No, not yet but we should know soon.

TTVJ: What would you like if there is a Season 2?

SW: Well, the way it ends is these two are just out beating up demons. Me and Cara are just so keen to do more fight choreography because we both have quite a natural knack for it and we just want to see a lot more fighting, a lot more action a lot more peril is what we’re really interested in. And I know Howard has a really solid counter season too, but I just want the world to expand and there will be more demons and I just know for me and Cara, we both want to get out teeth into more fighting. That was fun!

TTVJ: I read somewhere that you are a big fan of Dawson’s Creek!

SW: Oh my God! [laughs] Yeah I’ve said that a few times! I am, yeah!

TTVJ: I am too! So, I have to ask, are you Team Pacey or Team Dawson?

SW: Pacey all the way, oh my God I couldn’t stand Dawson! I know it’s called Dawson’s Creek and James Van Der Beek is brilliant and he was great, but I was Team Pacey and I was Team Jen!

TTVJ: I feel the same way!

SW: I couldn’t stand Joey! I thought, ‘Oh my God, why is she always referring to herself in third person.’

TTVJ: She did!

SW: She would go, ‘Oh, I’m Joey Potter’ OK! We get it! [laughs] But I loved that show.

TTVJ: You should make them do a Dawson’s Creek themed episode next season.

SW: Oh my God, where somebody is climbing through somebody’s window and they are watching movies and not really saying how they feel about each other. Yes! Yes!

TTVJ: I think it would be a good plot!

SW: I think it would be amazing! I’d love that! I’d stop fighting; I’d forfeit all of the fighting I want to do in the next season if we could have a Dawson’s Creek themed episode.


Did you finish your Crazyhead binge alreadyAre you hoping it gets picked up for a second season? Let us know in the comments!

The first season of Crazyhead is currently streaming on Netflix worldwide.

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