Coroner: Motion Talks “Borders”


*** Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Coroner Season 2 episode “Borders” ***

If you were scared by Jenny’s (Serinda Swan) new sleepwalking tendencies last week in Coroner’s Season 2 premiere, then the developments this week have to have you even more scared. While investigating a body found in the middle of a road in the country with no ID, Jenny put herself right in the middle of the investigation, and in the process, ended up triggering some scary side effects. As promised by showrunner Morwyn Brebner and EP/Director Adrienne Mitchell, these are all just different manifestations of Jenny’s anxiety as she moves through Season 2.

Elsewhere in “Borders,” written by Motion and directed by Mitchell, Jenny dealt with the truth about Ross’ situation, and signs pointed to Liam (Éric Bruneau) having issues of his own he may need to deal with. Mac (Roger Cross) crossed paths with a mysterious new woman named Noor (Olunike Adeliyi, Workin’ Moms). Motion joined The TV Junkies recently to discuss the experience of writing the episode, the themes at play, and why roles may reverse as Jenny finds herself needing to support Liam.


The TV Junkies: The first season of Coroner was one of your first experiences writing for TV. What was it like coming back for Season 2 having that under your belt now?

Motion: It was great to join the team and work with everyone again. It was nice to take what had been created and manifested in the first season, and then look, as a collective, where we wanted to go in Season 2. It was an exciting opportunity to push that envelope even further, to get to know the characters even more, and pick up their lives months after the finale in Season 1.  The Season 2 writers’ room was such a great experience.

TTVJ: You co-wrote your Season 1 episode with Morwyn [Brebner, showrunner]. What was it like doing this episode on your own this season?

Motion: It was great to get to write this episode. I learned from writing with Morwyn, and then everyone else in the room, to take an episode, envision it, and bring it to fruition. It was good to build upon the experience of Season 1 and really dive into this on my own.

These things are always a total team effort and we have a great room. I’ve learned from every one of the writers — those with a lot of experience and those building up their experiences. We have this chemistry where you feel safe to throw ideas into the ring and help each other build stories. We all try to think about our own experiences and identities and bring the realness of the stories by connecting with our own lives. We try to think about the real responses that these characters would have as friends, coworkers, or people who have jobs with real responsibility. Having great chemistry in the room, and a great vision from our showrunner Morwyn, is what keeps these stories building and really makes them dynamic.


TTVJ: Immigration issues are something many countries are facing right now. Where did the idea for this week’s case come from?

Motion: A big theme of Episode 2 is borders and freedom of movement in the world. We wanted to bring up questions around who can move freely in this world and who can’t. There’s a risk that we take in finding safe spaces in the world, and so immigration may be one part of that, but it’s a part of the larger theme of movement.

TTVJ: We see Jenny’s problems continue to escalate this week in the airplane, and then Liam having to pull her out of the tub. Can we expect to see her in these dangerous situations going forward?

Motion: As we know from Season 1, Jenny will throw herself — literally, physically, mentally, emotionally — into a case in order to solve it. She’s a risk taker in many ways, and the intensity and impulsivity, in order to do whatever it takes to solve the case and figure out these people — she will do whatever she has to do in order to do that.

TTVJ: In the process of investigating the fire, Mac meets this woman named Noor. Can you tell us a little bit more about her character and how she may factor into the season?

Motion: Noor is a really amazing character who Donovan starts to be very intrigued by. At first it’s professionally, but it becomes more and more personally. She also embodies this theme of freedom of movement, safety, and finding home. She’s someone who is brave and putting herself at risk in order to find safe spaces for others. She builds up the courage of others to find safe spaces and escape when they need to.

Donovan, like Jenny, is often very personally affected by the cases and people. He takes them on and so when he first connects with Noor, he is also really moving to ‘Who is she? What is her story? How does she connect to this larger case?’ He sees the work she’s doing and becomes even more intrigued by her courage, but he also wants to know her story.


TTVJ: You all did a really good job of making me feel Liam’s frustration over trying to get in touch with the veterans assistance program. Even though we’ve only got a few hints thus far, like Jenny, he seems headed towards some dangerous behavior. How worried should we be about him?

Motion: In Season 1, he really came in like a knight in shining armour at a really hard, transitional phase in Jenny’s life, as well as Ross’ life. He really was a figure of strength and support, but here we’re seeing that even the ones who seem like the strong ones, also need to be supported. He also has his own story and throughout the season we’ll find out about his secrets, what he’s been holding inside, and what he’s suffering. Jenny now has to become a supporter of him and figure out his mystery. They are both really dealing with each other’s traumas and support each other. They’re trying to get to the other side to find out what they’re holding back that needs to be revealed for healing.

TTVJ: What can you preview about next week’s episode?

Motion: It’s a great episode by Nathalie Younglai that delves into something very timely. It does a great job of bringing up a really timely topic, but in a very personal way. Things get more and more mysterious as we go on.


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