Coroner: Morwyn Brebner and Adrienne Mitchell Talk “Bridges”


* Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Coroner Season 1 finale episode “Bridges” *

It may be hard to believe but we have now come to the end of Coroner’s first season. The CBC drama series concluded the first round of Dr. Jenny Cooper’s (Serinda Swan) story in Monday night’s “Bridges”. The finale, written by Morwyn Brebner and Nathalie Younglai and directed by Paul Fox, gave answers to some of the series’ biggest questions, such as the fact that Jenny was actually the one responsible for her sister’s death, while also opening the door and readying Jenny for the next chapter of her life.

Jenny wasn’t the only one ready to move forward in life, as her son Ross (Ehren Kassam) finally found some peace over his father’s death and Detective McAvoy (Roger Cross) was able to tie all of the murders back to Gerald Henry Jones (Rick Roberts). In our last postmortem chat of the season, The TV Junkies discuss the finale and look forward to Season 2 with showrunner Brebner and executive producer Adrienne Mitchell.


The TV Junkies: We finally solved the mystery of the black dog and it turns out it was Jenny who killed her sister! What a fun reveal! The shot of her crawling next to the dog was so cool!

Morwyn Brebner: Serinda’s physicality in that moment was amazing, and it was so incredible to watch her do that and become that dog. What a great moment!

TTVJ: How does that reveal affect her moving forward?

MB: I feel like it’s such a big thing to process in your mind, body and heart. Trauma lives in the body too and it’s definitely going to be a factor in Season 2, if we’re lucky enough to get it. It’ll still be with her and transform in some way.

Adrienne Mitchell: We have been working on Season 2 and it’s interesting, when we have trauma like that you can understand what happened, but it doesn’t mean the trauma is gone. That anxiety or something else, it does live in the body as Morwyn said. The fact that she was responsible for the death of her sister, that dynamic will color how she deals with the dead, and the fact that she’s aware of it will color that too. In a funny way, her work is going to be a healing force and that will play out with how she deals with cases.

MB: I will say too that I’m not interested in re-traumatizing Jenny. We want to see her working through her life, her work and in breaking Season 2, it really has been about allowing her to process in a way real people do. We also want her to reconsider the mysterious elements — like the dog is a mysterious element. We have to expand the spiritual and medical part of Jenny’s journey, and I think that’ll be fun and new in Season 2.

TTVJ: As with every scene between them all season, the scene between Nicholas Campbell and Serinda was so wonderful. I loved when he said “I wanted to carry Katie’s ghost. I didn’t want you to have to.” Can we just discuss how wonderful those two have been? How’s it affect their relationship moving forward?

MB: We love those characters together and they love each other so much that there’s a lot underneath it. Jenny’s in therapy, and that’s interesting as a way to explore that sometimes when things happen, you have feelings you didn’t even know you have. In Season 2, we’d like to explore that in a real way and see how there’s things underneath their love, and see how she’s like him.

AM: I love those two together. I didn’t get to direct him for very long because he wasn’t in a lot of my episodes, but he’s just so intuitive. He’s playful and exploratory and really gets the intentions of the script. You never know exactly what’s going to happen, but he’s always so right intuitively.

MB: He’s a truly great actor and it’s such a privilege to have him on the show. He and Serinda together are very magical. We’re just incredibly lucky to have him on the show.

TTVJ: You can’t look away when they are on the screen.

AM: You cannot look away! That’s true.

MB: You really get such a feeling of truth between them which is really special. I don’t know how they do it together, but they really find that.


TTVJ: Jenny took off the wedding ring and seems ready to move on with Liam. I assume that relationship would still have some complications? What would they still have to face?

MB: It’s one of those things where there’s a lot underneath. They both have their own experiences with death that we haven’t really brought to the forefront. In Season 2, we would definitely see that it’s not going to be an easy ride at all for them.

TTVJ: I loved seeing Ross stoned and not acting so grown up. He’s always been very mature and it was nice to see him chasing llamas and a bit of a teen. Is he ready to stop medicating and move on from his father’s death?

MB: I think so. It’s really interesting with him because he’s very wise, but is also someone who needs to explore his life in many ways. His life is so different from when his father was alive and he’s just beginning to register that. In Season 2, we’d like him to make some mistakes and see what it’s like to move forward. What is it like for him now to be his own man?

AM: He was never treated like a kid, maybe more from his dad, but he’s a very smart kid with a very adult view on things. For him, it’s now “who am I? Who is my role model? How do I figure out relationships?” It’s going to be all about finding his own thing and being his own person.

TTVJ: I so loved that scene of him and Jenny laying in the field and thought it was a great representation of their relationship. They are closer in age so relate to each other in a different kind of way. Not to mention that shot from above just being gorgeous.

MB: I know that both Serinda and Ehren enjoy playing that relationship. You can really feel that that relationship is something they really feel in their hearts. It is very unique and really interesting. They are trying to forge their own way of being a mother and son. Being a parent is so much about listening and in a way, always letting your kid go. There’s a bitter sweetness in that too.


TTVJ: Morwyn, you co-wrote this script with Nathalie Younglai and so I wanted to make sure we gave her a shout out here. What was it like working with her on this?

MB: Nathalie is amazing! I loved writing with her and the amazing Tiny Tiny is 100% Nathalie’s creation. She has such a beautiful and light touch with character moments. She was our story coordinator and a writer on the show, and it was an incredible pleasure to write with her. She’s a deeply human and feeling person who really brought her own sensibility to her writing and the episode. I loved it.

AM: She was on set a lot too and it was really wonderful. She had great observations and was really tapped into the show. She had such an intuitive connection to the show that was so great.

MB: It’s great that we’re shouting her out too because she does so much advocacy for other people and for representation, always working for other people, so it’s great to get her own moment to shine. She really is incredible.

TTVJ: How can fans keep helping the show moving forward?

AM: Just keep showing your support. We have had so much fan response and feedback which we just love. We’re all over social media so don’t be shy! It’s so great to hear everyone’s thoughts. The show has a really strong social media team that’s monitoring everything so just keep giving that feedback. Spread the word too! Everything will be on CBC Gem after this so we can always have people catch up and get on board before Season 2.


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