Christmas Town Reminds Tim Rozon of the True Magic of The Season


Christmas is a truly magical time. Anyone who has ever watched a Hallmark Christmas movie can attest to that statement. These movies are adored by fans around the world, and as eagerly anticipated as any other holiday tradition. So when Tim Rozon (Wynonna Earp) stepped in and got ready for his first Hallmark experience, as co-star of the upcoming Christmas Town, at least he knew that he’d have one of the best by his side. Rozon’s Christmas Town co-star is none other than Candace Cameron Bure (Fuller House). Rozon refers to his co-star as the “Hallmark Queen,” and told The TV Junkies how she made the experience such a great one for him.

Christmas Town, premiering Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Hallmark and the W Network, tells the story of Lauren Gabriel (Cameron Bure), who leaves a life behind in Boston to embark on a new chapter of her life and career. As she takes a detour to the town of Grandon Falls, she discovers unexpected new chapters, including the town handyman Travis (Rozon), that help her embrace the magic of Christmas once again.

Rozon said filming the movie brought up many memories of Christmas magic he’s experienced in his own life, as well as gave him the opportunity to act opposite one of his very first celebrity crushes. In addition to Christmas Town, Rozon just finished filming SYFY’s new series Vagrant Queen and is set to return to Calgary soon for production on Season 4 of Wynonna Earp. He took a few moments to chat with us though all about his Hallmark experience, as well as his thoughts on the two series he’s apart of for SYFY.


The TV Junkies: How did this opportunity to become a part of the Hallmark family and do a Christmas movie come about?

Tim Rozon: It was just one of those things that was meant to be, and it was meant to be when it was meant to be. There were a couple other times in my career when Hallmark had approached me, or an opportunity had come up where I could be a part of another project, but those all fell through. When I got there, I realized I’m a Hallmark person and it was a really nice fit. My first Hallmark experience was the Hallmark experience that I was meant to have. It was a good one for me and I really cherished it.


TTVJ: Are you a big Christmas person like the one seen in these movies?

TR: I’m a big Christmas person in the Hallmark sense of Christmas. I can’t remember any of the gifts I got as a kid, but I can remember when we took a horse and carriage to Mass on Christmas, and the carriage broke. My dad was hanging off the carriage and my brothers and I were all bundled up together. I remember what Christmas is about, which is family being together, whatever version of family yours is. It’s just about being together. I think I’ve always been lucky to have a good experience of what Christmas is. It’s not presents under the tree, but it’s a joy and magic. Hallmark movies accentuate that, but while doing the movie I thought ‘I’ve had some of these moments!’ I think we all have. Maybe not as many in a row as a Hallmark movie, but I’ve definitely had my Hallmark moment.

TTVJ: What can you share about your Christmas Town character, Travis, and what this movie is about?

TR: You learn that Travis is more complex than you originally think. He’s got an engineering degree, but when you meet him you think he’s just the town handyman. There’s a lot more to him and he’s actually a foster parent. He meets Candace’s character and the story takes off from there. He’s an every day good guy. He’s a good guy with good values and he’s a foster dad to a 10 year old kid. He left the big city and is enjoying living in a small town.

I’m proud of this movie and it felt really good. It was based on a book, Christmas Town, and it just felt really right. I know it’s going to be a good one.


TTVJ: It’s nice to hear that the movie will also touch on an important issue like fostering in addition to the romance?

TR: Fostering is a very important thing to do. I didn’t grow up with my mom, but she’s a big foster parent. She fostered children most of her life, and I know when I would go spend time with her, it was always a very happy home environment with lots of kids there.

TTVJ: We obviously have to talk about Candace. What was it like shooting this movie with her?

TR: I am the age group that watched Full House everyday after school and knew exactly who D.J. Tanner was. She was one of my first crushes — her, Drew Barrymore, and Alyssa Milano. That’s it. Those three were it. When I saw that it was Candace doing the movie, I immediately thought ‘oh my gosh’ and had nerves. Those nerves dissipated in the first few seconds. She’s one of those people where you hit it off with her almost immediately, and then working together was an absolute pleasure. She’s a professional — great with the crew and great with the cast. She’s very giving and she knows everything!

She helped me a lot too with the Hallmark stuff because she’s like the Hallmark Queen. She’s got a lot of projects and is a Hallmark darling. They love her, and they have every right to, because she’s great. I can still picture her laugh. It’s amazing and contagious and when you hear it, it would cause the entire crew to smile.

TTVJ: You filmed this movie while all of the Fight for Wynonna stuff was happening. What is like to be going through that while filming this?

TR: You know that old saying that everything comes at once? That’s how it happened. I was also up for Vagrant Queen that would be shooting in South Africa, but I hadn’t heard anything else on it. Then this Hallmark offer came and I thought ‘oh man, I gotta take it!’ The day after I accepted it, Vagrant Queen came back with an offer. So I had to leave immediately after finishing the movie in Vancouver, came home for four days, and then left for 5 months. In that time, I also found out Wynonna was coming back! It was this overwhelming experience and I’m very happy to always have work, but it was all at once. I just jumped in.

TTVJ: I know you can’t talk much or spoil anything, but can you share anything about Vagrant Queen and Isaac, the character you’re playing?

TR: It’s based on a Vault comic of the same title, so anyone who wants a real sneak peek should read the comic. It’s got a great female lead, all female directors, and a female showrunner [Jem Garrard]. It’s so kick ass it’s not normal. Isaac is one of my favorite characters to play in awhile, since Doc. It probably felt the most right since Doc. Isaac, without spoiling too much, is a little goofier. I don’t always have to be so affected by all the things all of the time. It’s not to say that Isaac won’t go through some stuff though, because he’s going to go through some stuff on this Vagrant Queen journey. He laughs at life a little more, though.


TTVJ: You head back to Calgary soon to start shooting Wynonna Earp. Finally! How excited are you?

TR: Without being cheesy, I feel it where the butterflies live. I can’t stress that enough. It’s a warm, fuzzy feeling to be back as Doc. I just can’t wait to be in a scene with Mel, Dom, Kat, Varun, or Mikey. Anybody! I just want to be back on that set and see the crew and our family. I can’t wait to get that first script and have my mind blown and panic. I’ll call Dom and freak out, because that’s what we do, and I know Emily will blow our minds. I’m more than excited and cannot wait. I’m telling you, when I get back to set and put that hat back on, it’s one of the best feelings in life.

TTVJ: It’s really felt like such a long time. I’m sure Earpers are ready for all that to happen to you as well.

TR: This whole year, as awful as it was, really was meant to be. It just proved the power — the absolute power — of the Earpers. It showed that something built on kindness and acceptance can be powerful in this time. It means so much. We’re all banging our head against a wall like we can’t fight again, but this one little group — the Earper community — has been able to break through the wall. Over and over and over again.

It was just the anniversary of the People’s Choice Award that we won because of the Earpers. Then what do they do to us this year? They take away our show and dangle it in front of us. The Earpers then start a new thing and buy billboards in New York City! It sucks that we didn’t go right away, but at the same time, it doesn’t suck. It just shows you how amazing and powerful this community is. To be a part of it, I’m telling you, I’m very lucky. I’m very, very lucky to call myself an Earper.


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Christmas Town airs Sunday, December 1 at 8 p.m. on Hallmark Channel and the W Network.