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This week one case brought together three shows over two nights on NBC’s much-hyped “Crossover Week,” and united the three dramas in the Dick Wolf universe: Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Law & Order:SVU. I’ll be honest right from the get go. I have had apprehensions about this idea from the start.

While in theory, this sounds like a great idea for all three shows, and an obvious ratings ploy to run it during November sweeps, I had my doubts about the execution of the crossover. After the very brief appearances by PD’s Voight and Lindsay on Chicago Fire, those doubts grew louder and louder. However, I am happy to report all my fears were for naught, and everyone involved in the crossover episodes deserves a hearty pat on the back.

Wednesday night saw the majority of the crossover happen between Chicago PD and Law & Order:SVU. It was enjoyable as a viewer to watch actors from both shows seamlessly flow in and out of each other’s worlds. There was no butting of heads, as is often the case when teams are brought together on procedural dramas. No, instead everyone seemed to realize the horrendous nature of the case at hand, and that by working together, they could put a stop to it that much faster. It was a refreshing surprise, and is usually one of the things I love most about the Chicago Fire/PD world, the effortlessness at which characters move throughout the universe in which the two shows exist. After watching this crossover event, I’m thinking that the SVU kids from NYC fit in with the same ease and fluidity as their Chicago siblings, making for one big, happy Dick Wolf themed family.

If one case was going to unite three shows, it was going to have to be a pretty strong one, and the writers did a good job delivering just that. It turned out that pictures recovered during a fire were linked to a pedophile ring that stretched from New York City to Chicago and required the two teams to work together. The case, which featured streaming video of the pedophelia in action, was very graphic and personally hard for me to watch at times. However, the same visceral reaction I had as a viewer, was the same had by cops from both shows, and thus what inspired them to all work so well together.

The case also quickly turned personal for Erin when one of the victims in the photos turned out to be her half-brother. There’s a lot about Lindsay’s past that is still a mystery to us, and it was nice to get some more insight this week. I keep hoping for Chicago PD to put more of the focus on Sophia Bush’s character, and it’s something they seem to have done in recent weeks. The show, to me, has been all the better for it. Bush is a strong actress, fully capable of carrying the show and delivering on the dramatic scenes Lindsay finds herself involved in.

A perfect example of this was in Lindsay’s dealings with her brother’s involvement in the case. She wanted to help him, but at the same time keep things professional. The struggle was evident on Bush’s face and in her voice. The pain was never more evident than the look in her eyes every time she looked at her brother.


Lindsay being Lindsay, of course immediately felt guilty over not watching out more for her brother and letting him get caught up in all this trouble. That guilt allowed for some great moments between her and Voight, as well as SVU’s Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay). Voight and Lindsay have a long history together, we do know that, and when Voight goes into “dad” mode with Lindsay is precisely when I find him the most likeable.

Likewise, is there any better mentor for Lindsay than Benson? The scenes shared between Bush and Hargitay were the exact reason I wanted this crossover to succeed. The opportunity to see two actresses, both of who excel at their roles, brought together to share screen time is the thing sweeps dreams are made of people!

The other highly anticipated moment from the crossover was what would happen when Benson met Voight, and his well, less than empathetic interrogation techniques. The two of course immediately clashed, each questioning each other’s work styles, but it was Voight who gave me a laugh when he asked Benson, “You call this an interrogation? Why don’t you put on some music? Dance with the guy.”

The two quickly found some common ground, based on mutual respect for each other’s work, and it was nice to see Voight find an equal. While I tend to side with Benson’s style of police work, I am not going to lie. I wouldn’t have minded seeing Voight kick the crap out of the leader of the pedophelia ring. Olivia wasn’t right about that. He’s not still human. He is trash.

But more than anything, it was scenes such as the ones between Hargitay and Jason Beghe that delivered on the fun promised by the Crossover Event. These two are the stars of their respective shows, and it was nice to see them go head to head. After all, if anyone can stand up to Voight, it’s Benson right?

In the end, the two shared a nice moment, and a drink, as Benson lamented that she didn’t get to see more of Voight’s city. Do I smell a return trip? What do you say TV Gods? This crossover was such a success, what do you say we do it all again? I’m thinking May sweeps? Yeah, that could work for me!

Other Crossover Event Goodies:

  • Raise your hand if you loved Benson’s badass moment on SVU when she took down the suspect in the street. Girl even flipped the dude over her shoulder! You go Mariska, even Halstead looked impressed.
  • Benson’s “I had a partner that used to work like that,” line. Anyone else still sad that Stabler is no longer on SVU?
  • “Let me just put the dog out first.” Really Lindsay? You fell for that line? I can’t be the only one thinking she should’ve spotted that excuse a mile away.
  • That was a pretty sweet chase scene on Chicago PD as the boys ran all over the city, even on rooftops, in pursuit of the suspect. No one was more impressive than Halstead.
  • On the next crossover, maybe Burgess can get lessons on dealing with Platt from Benson. Benson did what no one else can, and instantly won over Platt.
  • Lou Taylor Pucci did a wonderful job guest starring across all three shows, and helped to really tie the stories together.
  • The tribute to the fallen officer was a nice touch, and it served as a powerful visual.
  • The Linstead slow burn continued, and there were some nice moments on SVU as Rollins and Amaro even quickly picked up that there may be more to Halstead’s feelings for Lindsay than just worry over his partner. I continue to look forward to these two getting even closer as the season goes on.

What did you think of the crossover? Was it successful for you? What was your favourite moment and pairing from the event? Add your thoughts in the comments below.

Law & Order:SVU airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. Chicago PD airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC and 9 p.m. ET on Global.

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