Chicago PD: A Ghost from the Past

Matt Dinerstein/NBC
Matt Dinerstein/NBC

There have been many moments during this season of Chicago PD where I’ve found myself wishing we knew more about Olinsky. We’ve seen him be there for his old friend Voight, guide the younger members of the Intelligence Unit and bring his years of experience when needed to help solve cases, but we’ve never had the focus solely on him. This week, in “The Three Gs” that all changed, and Elias Koteas proved that he was more than able to carry an emotionally taxing episode that left this reviewer, just like the detective himself, reaching for a glass of wine when all was said and done.

They don’t make criminals much worse than Dennis Lee, a human trafficker that Olinksy felt personally responsible for letting get away six years ago. Antonio was right when he told Ruzek that taking his pension and retiring away to Orlando is just not Olinsky’s thing. He’s a cop, that’s all he knows. It’s in his blood and this time, this case, this criminal meant only one thing: it was personal. Koteas consistently portrayed the weight of the case, and the burden Olinsky felt and what he thought he owed those girls’ parents throughout the episode. You could just see it written all over his face and feel it in his eyes. This was a man on a mission and he wasn’t going to let these girls down the way he blamed himself for doing years earlier.

Thankfully Voight was there to remind him that it wasn’t solely his fault for letting Lee slip away. The friendship and respect between these two seemingly hardened detectives was at an all-time high this week and it was a pleasure to watch Voight pull him out of the rabbit hole. I know Voight’s not a hugger, but did anyone else just want him to pull Olinsky into a hug and scream “it’s not your fault!” I know I did.

Thankfully, as always, Chicago PD got their man and put Lee away. It was only fitting that Olinsky got to make the arrest but I’m glad he didn’t cross over the line and shoot Lee. It was touch and go for awhile, and we’ve seen Voight do some really crazy shit on this show so for a second I actually thought they may have him do it. He wouldn’t have been able to live with himself though and I’m glad he stepped away. It was a great moment for Olinsky and even better when he invited his daughter’s boyfriend over to end the episode, showing just how far Al has come and that he knows that above all family is what’s important.

Matt Dinerstein/NBC
Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Another cop close to the edge was Roman. I can’t really fault him for decking Officer Deluca to get the girl to the hospital. It wasn’t the best choice, that’s for sure, but it was effective. It’s just too bad for Roman he decided to hit one of the biggest pricks on squad who was dead set on making him pay. So despite Roman knowing he made the right call to take the girl to the hospital, he now faced suspension and we faced the possible end of the great Burgess and Roman partnership that has just been getting better and better all season long.

These two have been one of my favourite parts about this season and I was worried about them breaking up. Burgess herself was pretty worried and that’s partially why she went straight to Deluca to ask him to back down. She tried to reason with the guy but when he wouldn’t cooperate I couldn’t help but laugh at her petulantly smashing the guy’s meatball sub. What would we do without Marina Squerciati and these small bits of comic relief? They are so needed, especially on dark episodes like this one, and I can’t say enough how much I enjoy Burgess and Squerciati’s performance. In the end it was Voight who saved Roman and I couldn’t have been happier. These are the small moments the show has done so well this season that make me really love the guy. And thankfully my Roman and Burgess partnership lives to see another day!

Extra thoughts on the investigation:

  • I can’t say enough about Trudy Platt. The dynamic between Platt and Nadia is great and I love seeing her help the young girl get her life together and succeed. Nadia couldn’t ask for a better person to have in her corner.
  • I love the way the show realizes that Sophia Bush is its star now and even when episodes don’t center around her Detective Erin Lindsay, they still find a way to involve her heavily. I loved seeing her interactions with Olinsky and Mouse this week.
  • Speaking of Mouse — This guy is becoming more and more of an integral part of the team and I really like him. I hope he sticks around.
  • Anyone else really happy we didn’t see Olinsky make a human glove?
  • If these shows don’t work out for them, Olinsky and Joe West from The Flash should totally get a spinoff where they solve crimes together while wearing their beanies. I’d totally watch.



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