Chicago PD: The Crossover Comes to an End

Michael Parmelee/NBC
Michael Parmelee/NBC

My nightmares now have a name and that name is Greg Yates. Seriously, how freaking creepy was Dallas Roberts as Yates? The dude had ice water running through his veins and had an answer for everything that Benson, Voight and the squads of SVU and Chicago PD could throw at him … right up until he didn’t. Thank goodness the good guys eventually prevailed, not that the team didn’t lose a few battles along the way (R.I.P. Nadia).

I was a pretty big fan of the crossover event NBC held last fall and it was great to see that the writers were able to build upon that, incorporate some lessons learned and make this one even better. Chicago PD routinely operates in a seamless world along with Chicago Fire. Mini crossovers are done on an almost weekly basis, the shows live in the same world and characters freely move between the two shows. But that same seamlessness has now moved from Chicago and expanded out to New York because this is the second time now that SVU characters have come and fit right in with the rest of the characters in the Dick Wolf universe. As fans of shows like Arrow and The Flash know, when done right, crossovers are a heck of a lot of fun to watch!

The backbone of a good crossover with procedural shows such as these is a good case, and the writers came up with a great one here with the Ted Bundy inspired Dr. Yates. As I mentioned, Roberts’ Yates was a very worthy adversary for Voight and Benson as it takes a lot to not be intimidated by those two. Not only did Yates not back down, but he actually went on the attack against Voight! It was a bit of a shock to watch Yates’ testimony and lies about Voight come out in the courtroom, and even though I knew they were just that, lies, it still was hard to watch. As a viewer it was downright sickening to sit and listen to Yates spout these lies about Nadia and the cops and with such ease and confidence. Talk about a psycho! I was so mad listening, I can only imagine what the characters felt!

It felt at times as if the lies were never going to end and I actually worried that Yates may just be enough of a psycho to get away with it all. Thankfully, he FINALLY tripped up and they got him! I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see Voight show up and “bend the rules” as when he met up with Yates in the bathroom to end the episode. I know Voight can do things the “wrong” way, and bend the rules (something that rubbed some of the SVU people the wrong way), but lately when he has crossed that line it’s been in moments like this where  I can’t help but be glad that he does. Voight is right, you should be VERY afraid Yates! Very afraid! As Voight said, “It’s coming!”

Michael Parmelee/NBC
Michael Parmelee/NBC

Of course one of the reasons I was so glad to see Voight do this is because of what Yates did to Nadia. While I never had a huge emotional attachment to her, I did always enjoyed her character and Stella Maeve’s portrayal of her. I also really enjoyed Nadia’s relationship with Lindsay and the one she was building with Platt. I’m going to miss both of those aspects, but I guess if we did have to lose a team member during this case she was one of the more expendable ones. I also know this will send Lindsay into an emotional spiral that I’m really excited to see play out and one I know Sophia Bush will probably knock out of the park.

Speaking of Bush, she was pretty fantastic during this crossover event as well. Time and again Yates threw things her direction and Lindsay never showed him fear once. She was confident the entire time and never let him get the upper hand. Bush was even better when she had to show us the pain and guilt Lindsay felt over Nadia’s death. I think it’s safe to say Lindsay is well on her way to becoming as good of a cop as Det. Benson, a woman with whom she shares a real connection that is evident in these crossovers and something I quite enjoy. Because as great as Voight is to Lindsay, there’s something to be said for a woman having another woman in her life that she can look up to and admire. Benson is definitely that mentor for Lindsay and I hope we continue to see more of their relationship in future crossovers (because who are we kidding, you KNOW there will be more crossovers).

More crossovers are definitely something I can get behind and look forward to if they are all as successful as the episodes here. A super strong case that served as a backbone to the entire week, topped off by a magnificently creepy villain and the seamless transitions between worlds and cast members who all have great chemistry together gave us all the makings for a really entertaining three hours of television. If more crossovers is what NBC wants next year, then indeed, sign me up!

Crossover Extras

  • With so much to cover in the review I don’t want to leave out Benson and Voight. I love the dynamic between these two and the mutual respect they share. No one can get Voight or deal with him quite like Benson and I love the little things the show incorporates, like Olivia knowing what drink to order for him, that show how well they know each other.
  • Platt has no time for your shenanigans Amaro!
  • Thanks to Yates, I don’t think we’ll listen to the Monkee’s “Daydream Believer” in quite the same way ever again.
  • I continue to really enjoy Mouse’s presence on the team and hope he sticks around.

What did you think of the crossover? Do you still have goosebumps from Yates? Are you upset about losing Nadia? Sound off on the everything “crossover-related” in the comments below!


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