Chicago PD goes out with a bang

Chicago P.D. - Season 2

Well Chicago PD sure knows how to go out with a bang! As the final moments ticked by on the crime drama’s midseason finale, a routine knock on the door turned deadly for Officer Kim Burgess. A month long hiatus awaits fans as they are now forced to hold their collective breath over whether or not Burgess will survive the close range shotgun attack.

As one of the two main female characters on Chicago PD, I have no doubt that in the end Burgess will survive and return to the job. However, I am intrigued by the possible side effects, not only to her, but for other characters, that this shooting may have. Oh and we haven’t even touched on the fact that Sophia Bush’s Det. Erin Lindsay has decided to leave Intelligence and accept a position on the DEA Task Force. Yes sir, the new year is coming and it’s bringing lots of change Chicago PD’s way, and I’ve got to say I’m excited about all of it.

Yes, Burgess I’m sure will be fine, but I’d imagine getting shot in the chest is going to leave some kind of recovery period for her and she won’t be able to make an immediate return to the job. How will that affect new partner Roman? I’m sure he’s going to be full of guilt and blaming himself partially for what happened since he was busy arguing with his ex-partner when Burgess was shot. Yes, we finally met Roman’s ex, Jenn Cassidy, and it’s safe to say there’s some unresolved issues that still exist for them both.

Cassidy was played by guest star Spencer Grammer, and I hope we see a return from her later on this season. She and Roman still clearly have feelings for one another, but I’m not hoping for a reconciliation between these two. She’s already married to someone else, and more than anything I just would like Roman to find some resolution and shed some of that anger he’s carrying around. I think everyone will be better off if he does. It’s funny because right up until Burgess was shot, her having to deal with the bickering exes was actually giving me comedic relief, quite the contrast to an otherwise intense and serious episode.

In fact, dealing with Roman and his ex even made Burgess question what she was doing in her relationship with Ruzek. These two have been keeping their hot and heavy relationship secret (well except from Platt), and are they going to be able to continue to do that with Burgess’ life in danger? I’m thinking Ruzek may not be able to keep his true feelings hidden when her life hangs in the balance. If their relationship does come to light, what will that mean? I am thinking Voight’s not going to be too happy considering he’s already warned them before.

Chicago P.D. - Season 2

Moving on to the other surprise ending, Lindsay taking the job on the DEA task force, as that will probably be the one that will leave the most after effects on everyone in Intelligence. She’s been toying with the idea of this job for several episodes now, and it was clear she wanted her chance to do something more, but was afraid of leaving Voight. He has been the one to be there for her when no one else was, and she’s finding it hard to leave him.

That’s why as many problems as I have at times with the Hank Voight character, I have to say he couldn’t have done any better than when he told her that he’s proud of her and behind any decision that she makes. That’s exactly what Erin (and viewers) needed to hear in order to move forward and accept the position. There have been many moments such as that one between Voight and Lindsay this season, and they are much needed to contrast his harsher tendencies.

So with Voight’s blessing in hand, Lindsay, almost tearfully, announced her plans to the rest of Intelligence. No one seemed more affected than Halstead. While he seemed genuinely happy for her, you can tell he’s also a bit sad to be losing her. But don’t go hanging your head too long Jay. I’m thinking this could finally be the start of some Linstead action, now that the obstacle of being partners on the job has been removed. Could the door open for these to become more than partners? Will we see some scrabble games in the new year? I sure hope so!

But more than anything, this arc excites me because I’ve long been a proponent of making Sophia Bush the focus of this show. By having her join the DEA that’s exactly what should happen. She’s a great cop, but in some ways will always be hampered by her connection to Voight. This is a chance for her to step out of his shadow and make her own name. I suspect we’ll get several episodes of this arc and she’ll then return to Intelligence for some reason, but I’m intrigued to see how this plays out.

It’s a new year and the times, they are a changin’ on Chicago PD! I, for one, cannot wait! The fallout from both of the big bombs dropped in this midseason finale promise to leave some exciting and intriguing after effects that I can’t wait to see play out!

Overheard on the wiretap:

  • Poor Olinsky! Just when it looks like things are turning around for his marriage his wife gets held hostage. That’s not a good omen for their reconciliation!
  • That opening sequence with the boys going undercover to confiscate the drugs was pretty badass. A very exciting way to start off an episode.
  • Platt being hard on Burgess is usually funny, but this week it bordered on mean. Here’s hoping she’ll give poor Burgess a break in the new year.
  • I loved that we got to see more of the Lindsay/Nadia relationship this week and it’s something I hope they explore more as the season progresses.
  • Halstead reaching out to Olinsky was a nice touch and truly showed how the unit is family and cares about each other.

What do you think of Lindsay accepting the DEA job? Are you worried about Burgess’ fate? What are you most looking forward to in the second half of the season? Share all your PD-related thoughts in the comments below!

Chicago PD airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC and 9 p.m. ET on Global. It will return Jan. 7, 2015.