Chicago PD goes to jail


Police work is not for the faint of heart. It takes a special individual to do the job, and it was nice of Chicago PD to give viewers more insight into just what drives its characters. This is a show that always works best when things get personal, something I’ve felt has been missing as of late. I won’t take any credit, but it seems as if the writers may have heard my pleas. There was a definite shift this week, one that I hope sticks around, as viewers gained insight into Atwater, Roman and Lindsay, and why they have chosen such a dangerous line of work.

Atwater in particular has been largely absent since joining the Intelligence Unit. Laroyce Hawkins has been given little to do other than walk around with his hulking muscles and intimidate suspects. It was a welcome change to see not only more of his personal life, with his 10 year old sister, but also what makes him such a valuable member of the team.

When Atwater jumped at the chance to go undercover as a prisoner, and was initially met with opposition from Voight, I had the same reaction he did when he shouted, “Ain’t this what you called me upstairs for?” Thankfully Voight relented and Atwater, along with Ruzek, was finally given something meaningful to do.

While in prison, it was obvious the two officers would be ok in the end, but the story continued to hold my interest as each went further and further to accomplish their goals. I couldn’t help but cheer a little when Atwater finally got to stand up to the other prisoners and shout, “Hell yea I’m a cop!” If this was a test to prove why he got promoted, it’s one he passed with flying colors.

Another character I’ve been craving information on has been Roman. From the moment he joined the show, it’s been evident there’s more to him than meets the eye. As he initially jumped at the chance to show the Police Explorer candidates around, it seemed to perfectly fall in line with what we know of him thus far. He’s enthusiastic about his job, and continually showing Burgess there’s meaning in the work they do as uniformed cops.

It wasn’t until after the pair lost the 3 boys, who turned out to be juvenile delinquents, that another layer to the Roman onion got exposed. He was once like them, headed down a bad path, but given a shot by a police officer. Luckily he took advantage and ended up where he is today. It proved what a stand up guy Roman is, and how proud he is to wear the badge. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say I was developing a bit of a crush on him. With the way Burgess was smiling at him near the end, am I too crazy in thinking I may not be alone in those feelings?


The final piece to the puzzle for a successful Chicago PD always involves a larger dose of Sophia Bush’s Detective Erin Lindsay. Bush has been used as the show’s poster child this season, but on a weekly basis the focus remains on Hank Voight. It can’t be a coincidence that Voight was largely absent from this episode and my enjoyment levels rose. The show would do well to keep this balance in check, and continue to capitalize on Bush, not just because she’s pretty on a poster, but because she’s a damn fine actress.

Most of Lindsay’s scenes were with her partner, and hopefully eventual romantic interest, Det. Jay Halstead. With her recent job offer from the State’s Attorney office, Lindsay needed someone to confide in, and it was nice that person was Halstead. These two continue to slowly inch closer to one another as the slow burn continues to get hotter and hotter. As Halstead advised Lindsay to, “imagine how heartbroken you’d be, not seeing my smiling face every day,” it wasn’t a far jump to realize he was talking about himself. But the job on the task force is definitely appealing, and who could blame her if she jumped at the chance? Of course she won’t, but it’s nice to see Lindsay weigh her options and find out what is really important to her.

The show’s writers found the winning formula for me this week: more focus on the team and supporting characters, and less Hank Voight. I’m not sure it’s something that will continue, but in large part I hope that it does. Chicago PD has the pieces, and some great characters, to become something more than just your standard procedural. It’s up to the writers to turn that into a reality, and more episodes like this one will go a long way towards making that happen.

From the Precinct Bulletin Board:

  • Thank you for showing us that Burgess and Atwater still hang out. They were great partners, glad to see the friendship is still there.
  • Platt – “Did you not get the memo? I must’ve never written it.” – Platt continues to show Burgess nothing but love. Poor Burgess.
  • Because I can never have enough Platt: “It’s like when people ask me about you, I don’t say Roman’s a pain in my ass because that would be labelling you.” – Zing!
  • Major props to Ruzek for going under with Atwater. He was vital to the op and what he did wasn’t easy. I would’ve liked to see what Burgess had to say about her two main men going in undercover together?
  • It was nice to finally get to the bottom of why Roman hates Olinsky, and as much as I’m liking Roman, no one is perfect.

Did you miss Voight or were you glad to see the focus on other team members? How do you feel about Roman? Is the Linstead slow burn something you’re enjoying? Sound off in the comments and buckle up for the Chicago Fire, Law & Order SVU and Chicago PD crossover event next week:

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