Chicago PD: Lindsay’s Disappointing Decision

Matt Dinerstein/NBC
Matt Dinerstein/NBC

“I had a talk with my mom.”

That’s never a good thing to hear from Chicago PD’s Det. Erin Lindsay, but it’s what Sgt. Hank Voight had to hear in the closing moments of the Season 2 finale that left Lindsay in a pretty awful place. She’s been spinning out of control ever since Nadia’s death and everything finally caught up with her this week. Unfortunately, Lindsay decided that the weight of it all was just too much and she’s quitting Intelligence and the police force for now. I think it’s safe to say we all share in Voight’s disappointment over her decision.

Voight was spot on when he told Lindsay’s mom Bunny, “you’re sick.” Erin was in a horrible place, grieving and vulnerable over the loss of Nadia and instead of comforting her, Bunny saw this as an opportunity to get her hooks further into her daughter. Thankfully, just as he’s always been, Voight was there to try and pull Lindsay out of her downward spiral. But even he couldn’t save her from herself and you would think Erin would know by now that Bunny is never right about anything.

Listening to Bunny is taking the easy way out and that’s something we’re not used to seeing from Lindsay. She’s a fighter and yet this time she’s choosing to quit and even Voight can’t seem to save her. Sophia Bush did an excellent job in that final scene as she had Lindsay looking so completely broken in that moment, unable to look at or face Voight. There was such sadness written all over her face and honestly, I am surprised Voight didn’t just grab her and hug her because clearly, more than anything else, that’s what she needs right now.

But that’s not how she and Voight work, and clearly Lindsay is still in denial and not dealing with her problems. She may have quit the squad, but there’s no way she’s not coming back in Season 3. She’ll have some major reparations to make, with Voight and with the entire squad, but none more so than with herself. Hopefully come Season 3 Lindsay will finally be ready to face her problems head on, deal with them, and finally move past all this trouble. Despite turning away Voight, Halstead, Platt and others recently I still don’t think she’ll have to do it alone. These cops have proved time and again that they truly are a family and I have no doubt that family will help set Lindsay straight come Season 3.

Matt Dinerstein/NBC
Matt Dinerstein/NBC

With Lindsay quitting for now does that mean there’s once again an opening on Intelligence that Burgess can fill? She sure seems to now have her mind set on joining the squad and it’d make sense to bring her up until Lindsay returns. She was a great fill-in great while Atwater was out but there’s still a part of me that wants her to stay out on patrol with Roman. She and Roman just make such a great pair and I’d hate to lose that come next season.

Also, I know in the end Ruzek seemed to be acting a little odd about Burgess joining Intelligence because he was planning his proposal, but part of me can’t help but think it’d actually cause problems for the couple if she was to permanently join the team. Despite Ruzek’s wonderful proposal, especially the “you and I are freakin’ awesome together,” line that was just so Ruzek, I can’t help but worry for these two in Season 3. Maybe I’ve just watched way too much TV and grown overly skeptical, but Burgess and Ruzek have had way too easy of a go at it in Season 2. TV relationships are never that smooth and I think her joining Intelligence in Season 3 could be just one thing to disrupt this seemingly happy couple. I will be the first to go on record as saying that I hope I’m wrong about that.

But I won’t spend much time worrying about them at the moment because I’m way too focused on Lindsay. She’s got a tough road ahead of her and she’s fallen pretty far down the rabbit hole but if anyone can pull herself back up it’s Erin. I’ve loved this arc for Bush and she’s stepped up to the plate and answered the call on these dramatic scenes. I hope it’s something we see more of in Season 3.

Overheard around the precinct

  • Halstead was visibly shaken with concern about Lindsay when he entered her apartment. Erin was the one who didn’t want to tell Voight about their relationship and I think if it was up to Halstead they’d still be together. Needless to say, I’m definitely looking forward to more Linstead moments in Season 3 because you know that ship hasn’t sailed.
  • The tables have been set for a big arc for Olinsky in Season 3 with him learning that he has a daughter in prison. I for one am a huge fan of giving Elias Koteas more to do on this show so can’t wait to see how that plays out.
  • Despite it being for a good cause, Voight giving that money to Antonio for the boxing gym still felt dirty.
  • I love that former partners Atwater and Burgess are still such close friends. They make me smile.
  • Another reason Burgess probably wants to stay in Intelligence is that it means you get to wear fancy clothes and have your hair down thus making you significantly hotter. I can’t say I blame the girl for that!


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Chicago PD returns for Season 3 in the Fall.