Chicago PD: Blind Trust

Matt Dinerstein/NBC
Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Sergeant Hank Voight lives by his own set of rules. Anyone who has watched Chicago PD before knows that. Are they legal and always the right set of rules to live by? Hell no! Voight has his own ideas about what’s right and wrong and just because he’s a cop he’s not always going to abide by the laws to make what’s right in his mind happen. Jay Halstead should know this by now.

As a viewer it was easy to identify with what Halstead was feeling in “Get Back to Even.” He knew that he wasn’t supposed to be asking questions about Voight’s sources or actions, but he couldn’t help himself. Over two seasons we’ve seen Voight step outside the boundaries of the law but things usually work out in the end, and he usually has good intentions. You’d think we’d all just be like Lindsay by now, and know in our gut he’s doing what’s best for the greater good and just trust him, even if his methods aren’t always the best. But I couldn’t help but feel like Halstead and still question what Voight was up to.

A lot of that confusion and uncertainty felt by Halstead, and viewers like myself, could have been solved if Hank would’ve just been upfront with what was going on. I get he’s the boss and that means he doesn’t have to, it’s his right to not share everything he knows with Halstead and the Unit, but on the other hand that’s how you earn their trust. Hiding the information just made what Voight was doing look guiltier and guiltier with each move.

It was a relief that he finally came clean to Halstead and told him about his former informant that he was trying to protect. It was a relief to hear that once again Voight was doing a noble thing, but why hide that in the first place? That’s what didn’t make sense to me. It wasn’t anything bad so what gives? He should’ve just been open and honest with Halstead in the first place and a lot of this confusion could have been avoided. By sharing the news, the two did come to an understanding, but the look on Halstead’s face as Voight stood over the guy that already seemed pretty dead just to shoot him one last time said to me that Jay still has some serious doubts and questions about his boss.

Matt Dinerstein/NBC
Matt Dinerstein/NBC

And learning that Halstead hasn’t spoken to his father in almost 2 years it seemed like that may be the reason behind a lot of the distrust he has for Voight. It’s clear Jay has some daddy issues and maybe that motivates a lot of the problems he has with Voight. He’s never been able to just implicitly trust him the way Lindsay does, and a bad history with his own father could explain a lot of that. I like having Jay’s brother Will in town if only because we get to delve deeper into Jay’s past. I still have some serious doubts about Will in general, but this episode went a long way for me in making him more likable and sympathetic. I can’t wait to find out more about the Halstead family in general.

Speaking of Lindsay, that trust she has in Voight is simple. He helped her and did some questionable things in order to do that, so she’s not about to start judging him for doing the same type of things to help out this mother and son. As she told Jay, “the kid matters to Voight. So he matters to me.” It really is that simple. It was just sad to see Voight once again coming between Linstead. He’s a serious issue that they are going to have to deal with before they can ever get back together. I just hope that’s sooner rather than later because Jesse Lee Soffer and Sophia Bush have such amazing chemistry that I can’t get enough of their scenes together.

Bush also has great chemistry with Stella Maeve’s Nadia and I loved the scene where she was comforting her after her “eventful” ride-a-long with Burgess and Roman. Nadia may be worried about her future at the precinct after her actions, but having Lindsay tell you “I got your back,” makes me think Nadia will be OK. These two have a great relationship give off a major sisterly vibe that I hope we see more of in the future.

Police Ride-a-long Extras:

  • My love for Trudy Platt just grows and grows! She’s tough but has proved over and over that she’s got a heart of gold. Amy Morton was just perfect this week.
  • Mouse is getting teased by Atwater which can only mean that he’s becoming part of the team! I really am enjoying him and hope he sticks around.
  • Atwater was full of jokes this week and made me chuckle when he said “We need more brothers on this unit.”
  • Jesse Lee Soffer was a total badass this week. First he had the impressive way that he broke them out of the warehouse and then that crazy, badass fight later on!
  • Every time Olinsky was on screen I could help but wonder what Elias Koteas thought about the recent news of Stephen Amell being cast as Casey Jones in the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2? I mean we all remember him as the masked vigilante in the first round of TMNT movies right? We could never forget this greatness:

What did you think of Voight’s actions? Do you still question them like Halstead? Share your thoughts in the comments below and take a look at next week’s episode here:

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