Chicago PD: Why We Can’t Get Enough of Erin Lindsay


There are many things on NBC’s police drama Chicago PD that we are fans of here at The TV Junkies. From the interesting cases, to the relationships between the tight knit group of cops, and of course the fun crossovers with all the other Chicago-related shows. But there’s one aspect of the show we can’t seem to get enough of and that’s Sophia Bush’s Detective Erin Lindsay. Why is that exactly? Check out just a few of the main reasons she’s such a captivating character and why we want more of her below!

She’s a Badass

Too often women are portrayed as weak individuals linked to a man. Lindsay is so far from this stereotype. For starters, she’s a police officer, but not all police officers go confidently into dangerous situations alone the way Erin did during “The Story of Gregory Williams Yates.” Some may argue that was dumb–and in some ways it was–but no matter what, it was badass and we loved it!

She’s Confident

We love watching Erin during any interaction with criminals because of her work ethic and bold personality. She has her moments of listening quietly in the background, but when it comes to those who break the law, she is quick to call out their wrong doings and strong enough to bring them into the station herself. Lindsay doesn’t rely on her partners during these intense moments, but instead fully understands her abilities and values her strengths and that is powerful to watch.


She’s not infallible

Everyone cries. Everyone gets emotional and needs support and Lindsay is portrayed in the same reality. It would just be unrealistic for a women of her lifestyle to never shed a tear or need parental guidance. It’s important for women to see that it is OK to be both strong and sensitive. In fact, we think that’s vital for a healthy lifestyle.

Erin spirals out of control when her best friend is violently murdered in Season 2 but slowly comes to realize that Voight and her coworkers must not be shut out of her life during such troubled times. They help her turn her life around for the better. Even the strongest people need assistance to be successful and Erin is also a remarkable friend. The latest example of this occurred when Lindsay gifted Burgess with a new toothbrush to help her get over her break up with Ruzek. This simple act of kindness demonstrated Erin’s thoughtfulness and the fact that she listens to others.

She Doesn’t Need a Man

Yes, her on and off relationship with co-worker Jay Halstead is a key component of the show to many fans, but Erin has made a place for herself on Chicago PD prior to being in a relationship. It’s extremely important to break common stereotypes most female characters are written into, and Erin is just as accomplished as a single lady as she is when she is in a relationship.

She Has Overcome Her Past

Erin’s rough childhood caught up to her once at the end of Season 2, which subsequently led her to quit her job. This was a key moment in her character development and an interesting deviation of the show. It’s inspiring to see a women of Erin’s strength relapse into her bad habits. Everyone can relate to giving into bad decisions. Having the opportunity to witness on screen a role model for women fighting the same temptations is a huge positive that Chicago PD brings to viewers.


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Chicago PD airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC and 9 p.m. ET on Global.

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