Chicago Fire: Dawson’s Time to Shine

Elizabeth Morris/NBC
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

And we’re off! The latest NBC crossover event is in full swing after Tuesday’s Chicago Fire that saw an apartment fire get linked to an unresolved case in New York that has eluded the police for over 10 years. Yes, Chicago PD’s Sgt. Hank Voight and Law & Order: SVU’s Det. Olivia Benson made an appearance on “We Called Her Jellybean,” but the real takeaway here was that Gabriella Dawson (Monica Raymund) proved once and for all that she belongs on the squad as a firefighter at Station 51.

Following the team’s call to a fire at an apartment building, one of the residents rescued by the squad, Billy Carson, immediately formed an attachment to Dawson. However, it turned out that one of the upstairs neighbors had also been raped and Gabby’s big brother Antonio quickly popped in from PD-land to warn her that Carson may be at fault. Despite all the facts, Gabby knew in her gut that there was something off about Carson but it wasn’t necessarily that he was a rapist. He eventually was cleared of suspicion by the police but Gabby couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad was still about to go down.

Thankfully she listened to her gut and brought those concerns first to Severide, and then eventually to Boden. I have to think that Shay was smiling down watching her two BFFs, Dawson and Severide, work together once again. It’s nice that these two trust each other and can count on each other to help investigate something that just doesn’t feel right or to help one another expose the truth. I hope we see more of this duo working together in the future.

Of course it turned out Dawson was right and Carson was all set to take a nosedive off the nearest bridge. There were some intense minutes that had me holding my breath as Gabby climbed out onto the ledge of the bridge to try and talk Carson down. I think I was right there with Casey worrying that Carson was going to just grab Dawson’s hand at any moment and fling himself with her off the bridge. Thankfully she talked him down in the end and in the process proved just how much she belongs on this squad. It’s been rough for her at times as she’s tried to become a firefighter and officially join the team, but she showed us once and for all this week why she’s a great choice for Firehouse 51. It’s a moment that’s been a long time coming and one that is well deserved for the character.

Another female having a rough time of it this episode was Mills’ replacement, the new head paramedic Jessica “Chili” Chilton (guest star Dora Madison Burge). Poor girl. Everyone at Firehouse 51 is still moping over Mills’ departure that she barely got a welcome so I was so glad to see Chief Boden call everyone out on their actions. When he yelled “Get over it!” to the squad I couldn’t help but give a little fist pump. Chili seemed understanding though about the situation she was coming into and while I may have only seen just one episode of her, I’m liking the character thus far. Anything that brings more females onto this show I’m all for and I really hope she and Brett can move past the superficial differences they seem to have and become tight partners. As an added bonus, Burge is a Friday Night Lights alum and I won’t lie to you – I’m completely biased when it comes to anything FNL-related so I can’t help but love this addition.

So while the episode fell a little flat for me in terms of the “crossover event,” it actually was a pretty satisfying week. I’m happy for Dawson and hoping this springboards her to more moments of greatness and despite not seeing much of the crossover case, I’m definitely intrigued and excited to see how it plays out.

Firehouse 51 Bulletin Board Material

  • I’m with Cruz and Otis, as much as I just want to believe Scott Rice is a single dad trying to balance work and home life, I can’t help but think there’s something up with him. I’m not going to accuse anyone of being a “ducker” but something is definitely fishy.
  • Burning, shooting, looting – The westside sounds crazy! I guess it’s like Brett said “Wild, Wild West y’all!”
  • So Dawson and Brett watch telenovelas? I wonder if they are a fan of Jane the Virgin’s Rogelio De La Vega? I mean really, who isn’t a fan of Rogelio?
  • Anyone else want to believe that Benson and Voight have regular Skype chats just to stay in touch? I can’t be alone in this fantasy.
  • As someone who loves their champagne, I have to say I’d be tempted to try a Chileeze.

Were you glad to see Dawson step up and shine? Are you ready for the rest of the crossover event? Add your thoughts in the comments below.

Chicago Fire airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC and Global.