Chicago Fire: badass shit coming up, says star


He may have just been a rookie firefighter when we first met him, but Peter Mills is having the professional year of his life–despite a detour or two along the way. After being forced to “ride the bus” thanks to what could have been a devastating vertigo diagnosis in the third season of Chicago Fire, Mills has quietly formed a strong partnership with the fresh-faced Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer), showcasing his formidable paramedic skills along the way.

In fact, it’s something that Mills’ portrayer, Charlie Barnett, is enjoying quite a bit. “I love being with Kara. I’m having a great time having that personal time. When you’re a paramedic, it really is you and your partner together at all points,” he tells The TV Junkies.

It sure is a good thing to hear that they get along so well, because according to Barnett, there are exciting times ahead. “We have some incredible, badass shit coming up! Really. It’s just great to have the opportunity to show some cool paramedic stuff,” he enthused.

As cool as that may be, it doesn’t mean that Barnett wouldn’t love to get back out there as a firefighter if the opportunity presented itself. “I do miss getting to have my guy time,” he laments. Could it be that firefighters simply have more fun than paramedics? Case in point, according to Barnett: “I watch them get to run into burning buildings all the time. Ugh! Man, I want to do be doing that!”

Unfortunately for Barnett (but fortunately for Mills?), things seem to be pretty set in stone for the time being, especially given that the order is coming straight from the top. “We just had a big dinner with Dick Wolf (creator/executive producer of Chicago Fire) and Bob Greenblatt (chairman of NBC Entertainment). I pulled Dick aside and I asked him up front. He said that he’s loving seeing me as a paramedic,” recalls Barnett. So we’re guessing that pretty much settles that!

Mills may find that he’s grateful for his professional life staying somewhat uneventful, because things in his personal life may just be starting to heat up. While Barnett may have alluded to Mills and Brett getting along professionally, and that continuing, he’s not so sure that it’s going to turn into anything more. “I do not know relationship-wise, which is what everyone is cueing in on. I think Mills is at a point where he realizes that relationships within the house are not something that he can do,” explained the actor. But that’s not to say Mills isn’t human, teases Barnett, “I’m not too sure about any sparks, but it is kind of unavoidable when you look into Kara’s big blue eyes that you don’t love her.”

Despite Barnett’s insistence that Mills knows the pitfalls of in-house romance, he sure seemed to be enjoying reminiscing about “old times” with Dawson in last week’s episode. There were also a couple of knowing looks from Mills that have fans questioning whether the door to that love triangle has been reopened.

“It’s hard to say when you have a relationship like that, that anything is ever severed completely, especially if it ends the way that it did,” says Barnett. There are also more than a few complications standing in the way. “That’s completely off limits because Casey is my boss, man, not to mention my brother,” Barnett explains, before quickly adding, “but who knows? Who knows what happens.”


But before we go and think that Mills’ life is turning into a soap opera with all this relationship drama, Barnett points out that he’ll be involved in some really interesting and exciting episodes coming up. The action begins Tuesday night, as a somewhat run-of-the-mill truck accident turns into quite the hazard when it starts leaking hydrochloric acid, and gives one team member the perfect opportunity to step up and shine.

“Dawson actually comes to the rescue. She does some quick thinking and pulls some maneuvers to get it all cleared up,” previews Barnett. The episode will also set the stage for more action to come as it leaves viewers with “a big teaser that’s going to lead us on a spin for the next few episodes,” he hints.

There should be no worries about the show slowing down anytime soon though, and look for even more drama for Mills and Brett when the show returns from a winter hiatus in January. Barnett isn’t divulging much, but he does leave us with this one piece of intel: “We have some interesting stuff with me and Kara coming up. We run into, I’ll say the John Gotti of Chicago. His son is what initiates it, and somehow we get mixed up into a little bit of trouble with him, which results in a lot of craziness.” We don’t know about you, but count us in!

Who would you like to see Mills end up with? What “badass shit” do you think lies ahead for Chicago Fire Season 3? Add your thoughts in the comments below and take a peek at Tuesday’s episode:

Chicago Fire airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. E.T. on NBC and Global.