Chicago Fire: Brett comes into her own

Elizabeth Morris/NBC
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Sylvie Brett, we’ve come a long way baby. The bright eyed and bushy tailed replacement for Shay on Chicago Fire’s Ambulance 51 has now come full circle and is a strong, independent and frankly, pretty badass woman in her own right. While Casey may have been flailing “Headlong Toward Disaster” this week, Brett was proving once and for all that she’s nobody’s cheap replacement and one of my favourite characters on the show.

The realization of just how far Brett has come this season really hit home here as Celia, the teenage girl that Brett helped rescue from the freezing building showed up at the Station wanting to thank her. Sylvie immediately saw herself in this young girl and related to her not being able to count on her parents for help. Brett had a similar situation when she was a teenager and an Aunt helped her find her way in life. Brett wants to be that person for Celia and it seemed like she was headed in that direction by the end of the night.

The introduction of Celia and this story means we will continue to explore Brett, what drives her and who she is. I want the writers to know I’m completely and 100 per cent on board with that plan. Brett arrived on the scene of Season 3 as a stranger but quickly cycled through many different roles. She was a crush for the guys in the house, then turned from a shy, timid paramedic into pretty good partner for Mills, a roommate for Dawson and is now a more than capable and worthy member of the team. Oh, and did we mention we’re totally ‘shipping her and Cruz?

Bottom line is that Brett is just really good at what she does. I haven’t even mentioned what a great friend and confidant she’s become for Dawson. Through it all actress Kara Killmer plays her with just the right amount of bright-eyed innocence to be believable, but not too much perkiness or “golly gee” attitude that would annoy and make you not want to root for her. At the same time there’s an inner strength that Killmer brings and shines through as Brett. The girl has some ferocity to her and it’s been fun to watch that grow.

When Brett first arrived on the scene I know I didn’t think she’d be able to hack it as a paramedic. Mills had to pull her together on more than one occasion and it sure looked like she was going to run back to her small town and right into the arms of ex-fiancee Harrison. That would’ve been the easy road to take, back to the life that she knew and was familiar with and really, who could’ve blamed her? But she stuck it out instead and learned the ropes and hung in there when things got hard. It’s laughable now to think that I ever thought a drunken hookup between her and Severide was a possibility. They sure seemed to be getting close early this season but thank goodness that never happened. Instead, Brett surprised us all and chose a relationship with Cruz. Look at how great that is turning out for her, they are far and away the best relationship on the show.

But perhaps best of all is Brett’s friendship with Dawson. On a show that is so dominated by males, it’s great to have two strong female characters, and we really need to see more of them. That’s why scenes like the one in their apartment this week where Brett tried to tell Dawson to move on from Casey are my favourite ones. These two have developed a very close bond and it showed when Brett told Dawson to be strong and get some separation from Matt. Only a true friend is going to lay the truth on you like that and not sugarcoat it.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC
Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Unfortunately, Dawson didn’t listen and ended up calling Matt over for her plumbing issue. You’re better than that Gabby. You are an amazing and strong woman who is not only surviving, but thriving as a female candidate in a physically demanding and male-dominated field. You don’t need the relationship with Matt to define you but that’s exactly what you’re letting it do right now. Hopefully she’ll take a look at Casey’s poor choice in rebound girls and realize that Brett was right and get some distance from it all. I think we could all use a break from the Dawsey drama at the moment.

So Gabby, let Casey move on. He has his hands full dealing with the new, temporary Chief Pridgen (a.k.a. the worst). Listen to your friend Brett and move on. As I just stated, she’s come a long way and knows what she’s talking about from experience and Gabby could really learn a thing or two from her. Wouldn’t it be great if Gabby ended up in a surprising, fun and new relationship with someone else–like the unexpected one Brett has found with Cruz? Only time will tell, but let’s hope Dawson starts listening to her roomie!

Around the Station house:

  • Casey seems to be flailing post-Dawson. “You know you’re in trouble when Kelly Severide thinks you’re acting recklessly.” I think that says it all. Pull yourself together.
  • Speaking of Severide, there were so many great scenes this week between Matt and Kelly. It really showed how much I missed those two together and another reason I’m OK with Dawsey taking a break. If it means more Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney scenes then I’m all for it. Sorry Dawsey fans.
  • Poor Otis! He was right, Boden would never act the way Pridgen does. I was so glad when he finally stood up for himself and disappointed in the rest of the house for not doing so earlier.
  • Welch seemed too well behaved this week. We’re all in agreement he’s going to cause trouble at some point right?
  • As if we needed further proof how much Pridgen sucks, he called Cruz an XXXL. Doesn’t he know he’s messing with one of Chicago’s best Zumba instructors? There’s no way he’s an XXXL!

What do you think of Brett and her growth this season? Do you agree with her advice for Gabby? Should Dawsey take a break for the time being? What was your favourite part of the episode? Add your thoughts in the comments below and take a look at the next new episode here:

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