Chemistry is key on The Fosters


One of the strongest and most stable relationships on television today (and a personal favourite of ours here at The TV Junkies,) is the one between Stef and Lena Adams Foster on ABC Family’s hit drama The Fosters. The reason for that relationship being so successful and popular may quite simply come down to chemistry. After all, actress Teri Polo, who plays Stef, explains, “I think I have more chemistry with Sherri Saum [Lena] than I’ve ever had with any male counterpart in 28 years.”

Polo discussed the marriage between her and Saum’s character during a live Television Academy panel discussion that was held Monday night in Los Angeles and included stars from the series along with the showrunners themselves. Saum was absent from the panel, as she was stuck at work, but her on-screen spouse recalled being struck by her beauty right from the moment they first met at a “chemistry read.”

Polo remembered meeting “the most stunningly beautiful woman in the entire universe,” and telling producers “yeah I can play a lesbian!” Creator Peter Paige interrupted, saying that he recalled the meeting going a little differently. He jokingly told Polo, “By the way, you weren’t that subtle about it. You literally walked up to her and opened your arms and went ‘I can fall in love with that everyday!’”

Despite that initial attraction, Polo still found herself surprised at how well their first read-through together went. “We read those scenes together and even I knew,” Polo explained. “I was like, ‘Wow!’ We were finishing each other’s sentences and we were interrupting each other and overlapping as if we had done it for 10 years already,” she said.

As if to put a final exclamation on the success of their relationship, Polo enthusiastically said “I don’t think I’ve ever loved another woman in this way ever before in my life.” That’s something that fans of the couple can take comfort in knowing as Stef and Lena’s relationship may be tested when the show returns in January. When we last saw the couple, the stress over Lena’s decision to quit her job threatened to add a level of discomfort to their marriage. However, if we were to venture a guess, that obstacle will just be the latest hurdle for this couple to clear while they continue to be one of the strongest examples of marriage on TV today.

Are you excited for the second half of The Fosters to premiere? Do you agree with Lena’s decision to quit her job? Add your thoughts in the comments below. In the meantime, here’s a peek at the show’s winter premiere:

The Fosters returns on Monday, Jan, 19, 2015 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family and ABC Spark.