Chasing Life’s Italia Ricci Talks About April’s “Insane Season”

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ABC Family

April Carver (Italia Ricci) has had a very emotional go of it during Chasing Life’s sophomore season. Yes, Season 2 of the ABC Family drama has seen her deal with the tragic death of her husband Leo (Scott Michael Foster), find out a huge secret about her late father, Thomas, and even have to work through issues with best friend Beth (Aisha Dee). Through it all April has battled on and continues to bravely fight cancer as she and ex-boyfriend Dominic (Richard Brancatisano) get closer.

But how soon is too soon for April to move on from Leo? What about the recent news that Thomas’ other wife and daughter, Olivia and Natalie, are trying to publish his manuscript? For answers to all our questions about April’s emotional season, The TV Junkies spoke with star Ricci. Read on below for her thoughts and a preview of what’s to come in the fall finale of Chasing Life that airs Monday, September 28 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC Family and ABC Spark.


The TV Junkies: This has been such an emotional season for April, was it hard to shut that off when you left work everyday?

Italia Ricci: Oh totally. The episode where we were dealing with the grief and the funeral, I cried harder in between takes than I cried on camera. The director was like ‘I need you to keep it together for this scene,’ and I was like ‘I just can’t do that it’s just so sad.’ Robbie [Amell] my fiancé was out of town and so I would come home and just be alone and I wouldn’t have to turn it off or have any distractions to get me out of it so I would just keep feeling like I lost someone. I still get choked up thinking about it. I hated, hated filming that episode. I’m glad because it’s a great episode and I love it but even McDonald’s wouldn’t cheer me up I was so devastated.

TTVJ: April has done a lot of growing this season, both personally and professionally. What do you think is the biggest thing she’s learned from everything that’s happened to her?

IR: I think this season April has learned how to adjust to surprises more than last season. Last season was all about figuring out how to be a regular, 24 year old girl while fighting cancer. This season it was like ‘OK, we know how to fight cancer but now I’ve got to figure out how to get married, write a book, find out these secrets.’ There was just so much more thrown into the mix that it was just like when it rains it pours. When you think about it, it’s been an insane season.

TTVJ: April still has some feelings for Dominic. When is the right time for her move on from Leo?

IR: I don’t know that there’s a time I can tell you that would be right for her to do that. It’s more whenever she’s ready and it scares her to be put in the position where she knows Dominic still has feelings for her but is about to move away. She’s got a limited window to decide whether or not she wants to open that can of worms. If she is ready should she do it? If she isn’t ready should she at least tell him that if he were to wait–kind of like what she told her mom last week.

I really do think he loves her so much that he would wait. It’s just whether or not she’s going to be selfish enough to ask him to do that.

ABC Family
ABC Family

TTVJ: What was it like getting to shoot on location in Italy for the finale?

IR: Oh my God it was a dream come true. I wish we could’ve been there. Everyone is like ‘what are your hopes for Season 3?’ and I’m like ‘that it takes place entirely in Rome!’

TTVJ: We were all living through your Instagram feed for awhile there.

IR: I couldn’t even post some of the great photos because I’m not allowed to show you who I’m in Rome with.

TTVJ: The last finale we saw April have a really emotional scene with the sledgehammer. Is there a moment like that for her this time around?

IR: I don’t think there’s anything quite on that level of breakdown. April does have another very important moment like that but it’s handled in a new way. It’s the decision she makes based on some news she gets is very unlike April but in the same way it’s empowering and tragically beautiful the way she handles it. I’m really excited to see how the audience reacts to it.


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Chasing Life‘s fall finale airs Monday, September 28 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC Family and ABC Spark

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