Chasing Life: Daddy Issues

ABC Family/Adam Taylor
ABC Family/Adam Taylor

April is dealing with some major daddy issues on this week’s Chasing Life as she began reading her father’s unfinished manuscript that Natalie found. While reading the novel may have opened April’s eyes to many things about her father that she didn’t want to know, she may have also finally figured out her future plans in the process. Season 2 has seen April floundering a bit after losing her job at the paper and thanks to this manuscript, and some kind words from a former colleague of her father’s, she may have found her path–which as it turns out it may be following in her father’s footsteps after all and writing her own novel.

As we saw in Season 1, April may have enjoyed writing at the paper but never particularly excelled or was passionate about the day to day reporting aspects of the job. She was always better at the human interest stories or telling her own story through articles and that’s where she really hit a home run. That’s why I think writing her own novel, especially if she uses the experience and lessons she’s learned from dealing with cancer over the last year, is a no brainer and makes total sense for her next move.

She won’t only have me in her corner on this either. Leo seems completely on board with this decision and it’s nice to see, given these two went through a bit of a rough patch in this episode. Sara is right to have concerns about this seemingly rushed marriage, and some of the reasons why became evident this week. However, at the end of the day April and Leo realized that getting married means you have to share the good and the bad with each other and Leo finally opened up to April as well. Scott Michael Foster plays the lovable sarcastic guy so well that it’s easy to forget he can really hit you in the gut when he needs to bring the drama as well. While I have no illusions that Leo and April’s wedding will go off without some sort of complication (if it goes off at all), it was still a nice moment to enjoy when these two finally opened up to each other.

Speaking of relationship drama, Brenna had plenty to go around for everyone this week as she was unable to really move forward in her new relationship with Margo thanks to the unexpected reappearance of Margo’s ex, Juliet. As it turned out Margo hadn’t been completely honest with Brenna either about just how “broken up” she and Juliet are because when you still live with your ex I’m thinking you’re not that broken up Margo.

ABC Family/Adam Taylor
ABC Family/Adam Taylor

While I was really excited to see Juliet being played by former star of The L Word Leisha Hailey, it only emphasized the age difference between Brenna and Margo all the more. While it was cute to see Brenna move on from Greer and smitten with someone new, I have never been comfortable with her relationship with Margo. There’s just too much of a student/teacher vibe there for me to ever be on board with it and when Juliet shockingly discovered Margo was dating a 17 year old I couldn’t help but think she was echoing most of our sentiments.

Thankfully Brenna came to her senses once she saw just how crazy and convoluted the Margo/Juliet situation was and got out before things got really crazy. It makes me wonder if now Brenna will start cozying up to her new classmate, Finn. Brenna has never labeled her sexuality so it’s reasonable to think he could actually be the new relationship she enters into for Season 2. I guess time will tell if I’m correct there.

More Chasing Moments:

  • Growing up in the 90s I couldn’t help but side with Leo in that argument over Savage Garden being played at the wedding ceremony. Sorry April.
  • Was anyone else expecting HIMYM’s Robin Sparkles to show up at any moment during those novel scenes?
  • Who else wanted more of Beth and Grandma Emma reviewing Beth’s dating website matches? More of these two together please! But yay for Beth meeting a new suitor!
  • I love that April ended up reusing Grandma Emma’s dress, which of course leads right into our Grandma Emma line of the week:

“It’s a good thing I kept my wedding dress, and FYI, it’s not hard to get off.”

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