Chasing Life Season 2 Premiere Preview

ABC Family/Tony Rivetti
ABC Family/Tony Rivetti

When we last caught up with April Carver (Italia Ricci) at the end of Chasing Life’s first season things weren’t going great for her. She had stepped down from her job at the paper to save her friend Danny’s job and got the devastating diagnosis that her cancer had returned. But not everything was horrible as she also accepted boyfriend Leo’s (Scott Michael Foster) marriage proposal and the couple prepared to face her latest round of chemotherapy together.

Season 2 of the ABC Family drama picks up with April unemployed and feeling a little lost in what she should do next–something she’s not used to feeling. While she struggles with what the future may hold she’s done wasting time and is ready to live her life. First up on the agenda: an engagement party for her and Leo. How will that go? What’s going on with everyone else? Are Natalie and Dom still dating? How’s Brenna doing?

If you can’t wait until Monday night to check in with April and the gang then we’ve got you covered. We have a few hints we can offer below about what you can expect from the second season premiere.

A glimpse into the future

While undergoing chemotherapy treatments April gets a glimpse into a possible future for herself and it may come as a surprise who else is with her in this vision. Will what she sees affect how she’s feeling in the present?

Grandma Emma is as sharp as ever

If you thought for one second that a new season would find Grandma Emma off her game in the slightest then you thought wrong! She’s back and as sharp-tongued as ever, still taking shots at her poor bridge partner Pearl. Will we ever find out what Pearl has done to always incur Emma’s wrath? Emma also weighs in on April and Leo’s decision to get married and her response may come as a surprise to some.

ABC Family/Tony Rivetti
ABC Family/Tony Rivetti

April wants to work

Being unemployed does not sit well with April and while she’s still good with her decision to quit the paper in favour of Danny, she doesn’t do well with the downtime and is eager to return to work. She goes on the hunt but what she finds may not be the best fit for her.

A Grenna update

At the end of Season 1 Greer decided to move away and it’s nice that here in the premiere the show gives us a little update on where things stand between her and Brenna. Brenna’s busy too as she’s adjusting to life at school without Greer and she may have found a new hobby that is filling up most of her free time.

April meets someone who changes her perspective

While undergoing her next round of chemotherapy, April meets fellow patient Vanessa (Krysta Rodriguez). After a bit of a rough start, the two get to talking and something Vanessa says really hits home for April. It even causes her to reevaluate how she’s living her life and prompts April to make some changes.

What are you most excited to see in Season 2 of Chasing Life? Sound off in the comments below!

Chasing Life‘s second season premieres Monday, July 6 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC Family and ABC Spark.

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