Chasing Life: Is Dominic Ready Leave the Friend Zone?

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While most of Chasing Life’s second season as of late has been about April Carver (Italia Ricci) grieving and dealing with the tragic and unexpected death of her husband Leo Hendrie (Scott Michael Foster), she has also been reconnecting and growing closer to another man in her life, ex-boyfriend Dominic (Richard Brancatisano). Up until this point Dominic has been nothing but supportive and a shoulder for April to lean on as she deals with her loss, but as his feelings change and grow stronger things could get a little messy. How soon is too soon for Dominic to get out of “the friend zone”?

“With Leo dying he really had to become a friend again to April. He had to put his feelings on the backburner and put her feelings first and her loss first,” Brancatisano explained to reporters on a conference call. Competing with a dead husband is not your standard TV relationship complication and “if he does have a chance with April that’s totally changed the game for him now. He’s playing on a different field with different rules,” said Brancatisano.

Long gone are the days where punching Leo and fighting for the girl are acceptable, and Dominic’s growing feelings for April are going to present quite the dilemma for him in the last two episodes of the season. “You see how he deals with it, whether he stays and speaks the truth or he tries to run and tries to leave because that’s the best thing for April. He doesn’t want to force that or put April in a crappy position because she’s already been through enough,” the Australian actor previewed.

ABC FAMILY/Craig Sjodin

There’s also questions about how long is it appropriate for Dominic to wait for April to properly grieve her husband and be ready to move on? “I think in real life, I’ve never been in this situation, but I would imagine it’d take a long time to get over the death of your husband,” said Brancatisano while adding that the fact that so many people, viewers included, loved Foster’s Leo is yet another level of complication. It’s one he says Dominic respects since “he doesn’t want April to know that he still has these feelings for her because he doesn’t want to put her in that situation where she feels weird and their friendship would suffer.”

So when is the right time for Dominic to share his feelings? Brancatisano said fans should have an answer by the midseason finale as he previewed that “the writers do a really good job of answering that question in the last two episodes. I think it was left in a really respectful way to Leo and to April’s character. It doesn’t make her look like she’s just running on to the next thing.”

If April and Dominic do find their way back to one another will he have to worry about always being in Leo’s shadow? “That’s what’s going to make the drama if they do get back together,” teased Brancatisano. He also thinks it’s a problem many viewers can relate to since it’s “an interesting topic that a lot of people go through, living in someone’s shadow or competing with an ex, whether they’ve died or whether they’re still around. I think that’s a very universal thing.” Does this mean it’s a problem Dominic and April will be facing in the future? If so, Brancatisano seemed to be on board as he added that “I would love to see it explored in the next season.”

What do you think Chasing Life fans? Do you want to see April and Dominic become more than friends? Is it too soon for her to move on from Leo? Sound off in the comments below!

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