Chasing Life: Is the love triangle dead?


Is the love triangle on Chasing Life officially over and done with? One could certainly argue that after “Life, Actually” given that April and Leo seem to be stronger than ever and Dominic has officially moved on from April … with her sister! Yikes! While that was a shock to absolutely no one it was still a little hard to see Natalie cuddled up in Dom’s arms to end the episode.

Now I’m not saying that Dominic doesn’t have every right to move on, but did he have to do so with April’s half sister? A guy like him, so good looking, charming and successful has to have a pretty big pool of girls he could be picking from. Why Natalie? They can kid themselves all they want, but when April finds out that these two have been hooking up it’s not going to go over well.

Again, Dom hasn’t technically done anything wrong here. He sees that April is happy with Leo and clearly in love with him. He can’t be expected to wait around forever on the off chance that she does break up with Leo. I get that. But dude, come on, not with her sister. That’s just not a good look for you.

To his credit, Dom is not the only one at fault here. I was actually ready to give Natalie some major props for turning down his advances early on and standing by the “girl code.” She and April are just starting to get close and connect more, why screw that up by hanging out with Dom, even if it was completely innocent … at the time. I respected that she shut things down and had my fingers crossed that it would stay that way. Of course it didn’t, not really a shocker, and Natalie went right back on her word. This isn’t going to do the girl any favours with fans or with April and her family who are already doubting Natalie and her sincerity.

When April does find out about Dom and Natalie she can at least take comfort in the fact that she and Leo are doing better than they ever have before. While it’s easy to see why Beth was skeptical of Leo, I think he showed that there’s some valid reasons why he’s been acting a little skittish at times. Here’s a guy who had mentally prepared himself for death and that he wouldn’t be around to see his future play out. Suddenly that’s no longer the case and he has to find out what the heck he’s going to do with his life now. Leo was a larger than life character in many ways before. Just look at the tales that have spread about him throughout the cancer community. It’d be hard for anyone to live up to that sort of thing.

Thankfully little Julian confronted Leo about hosting the fundraiser and made Leo take stock of what truly matters, and one of those things was April. It’s been easy to wonder if April was way more invested in their relationship than Leo and it was nice to see any of those fears put to rest by Leo’s romantic speech to her. Leo wants to be the right guy for April. He wants to better for her. It was great to see him realize that and I hope these two can have some smooth sailing for a bit.


A couple that certainly seems headed towards smooth sailing is Brenna and Greer. It’s not surprising that these two young teens weren’t able to hold back on their feelings much longer. Brenna tried to do the mature thing and just remain friends with Greer, but it was always clear she still felt more for her. How could you not? I don’t think anyone could turn away Greer if she showed up in the middle of the night asking for our help, so it was certainly understandable that Brenna let her spend the night.

Greer’s parents are just the worst aren’t they? It was a little harsh when she straight up told them that they suck, but I don’t think the sentiment was undeserved. They fail to notice when she goes off her meds and always make her feel as though she’s not good enough, not to mention the fact that they are never around. It’s no wonder Greer is drawn to Brenna and her close knit family. She has never had anyone that she can truly count on to be there for her.

Even more understandable was Greer asking Brenna for reassurance of her feelings toward her. Greer doesn’t know what being loved truly feels like. Chasing Life once again handled Brenna’s sexuality in the best way possible. Greer was unsure if Brenna’s secret abortion had caused her to “switch teams” and date a girl. Brenna had the best response Greer could have hoped for, “that’s not why I started liking you. That was just about you.” With that Greer knew what love truly felt like and I hope these two continue to be happy for awhile.

More Chasing Life:

  • It was nice to see the fallout from everything with Owen at least let Sara realize that she has been repressing a lot of anger inside. Hopefully she can move on and be much happier going forward. Can George return now?
  • Beth and Graham were fun while they lasted but I don’t think anyone saw them together long term. Here’s hoping Beth can get out of work a little early and have fun dating now.
  • I’m glad to see Kieran is still around even after breaking up with Brenna. I enjoy him and think he is a great friend for Brenna.
  • Where was Grandma Emma? She’s supposedly back from her reunion. Why are they keeping her from us? We want Grandma Emma!

Are you mad at Dom for hooking up with Natalie? Did Leo finally win you over as the guy for April? Were you happy to see Brenna and Greer reunite? Sound off below!

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