Celebs react to Peter Pan Live!


We’re just wondering: does anyone else out there have a pretty gnarly Peter Pan Live! hangover this morning? Even that exclamation mark at the end of the title is annoying to our blurry eyes and pounding heads right about now.

But if you ask us, it was oh-so-worth it, staying up for the three-hour event. Allison Williams made a right old coq of herself, didn’t she? (Seriously, she really nailed that crowing.) And can we talk about that time Christopher Walken forgot his line as Hook? (Well he DID tell us he was bad at impressions.) What about when Williams accidentally flew into a wall scone during one of the opening acts? How the Indians’ costumes were so barely there that we thought for sure they’d be exposing their own peters at any given moment? Plus there was Wendy’s awkward boob-bow, Michael’s hunchback mishap during his first flying scene, and Williams’ hair coming out from that wig. And above all else, who could possibly forget when THIS happened:


Please point us in the direction of any other seventy-something who can still move like Jagger. Well, except Jagger, obviously.

If you were into the broadcast and didn’t sing along to “I Won’t Grow Up” or start clapping when Tink was in danger of dying from all those kids out there who don’t believe … well, we don’t believe you. Sorry, but if you look at it from a fun family number, Peter Pan Live! hit all the right notes and everyone involved–especially Williams–deserves sky high praise. Hangovers or not, we’re putting in our orders for the boxed set now.

But ordinary folks like us weren’t the only ones getting in on the interactive viewing experience. Several celebs took to Twitter to share their love, well-wishes, confusion and snark too. To help soothe those throbbing heads, we’ve compiled some of the best: