Castle: What Is Beckett Thinking?

ABC/Richard Cartwright
ABC/Richard Cartwright

I have been a fan of Castle for years. I could even say that it was once my favorite show to watch. But things have changed over the past few seasons. Storylines have become confusing or unrealistic, some of my favorite characters have disappeared and others characters have changed into something completely different from what they used to be. I used to look forward to watching Castle every week. Now when I watch I feel like I’m waiting on pins and needles to see if they can finally right everything that has gone so wrong. 

The one character that seems to have changed the most, and whose behavior has completely baffled me this season, is Kate Beckett (Stana Katic). I just don’t understand her actions at all, specifically her decision to move out of the apartment she shares with her husband Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion), saying she needed some time and space to figure things out. Castle, along with the viewing audience, was left completely flabbergasted, especially since she doesn’t want a divorce, just some time apart. 

Beckett’s excuse, from what I can gather, is that she is doing this to protect Castle. She is doing this so that she can investigate her mother’s murder (again!) without getting him involved. Because you see, if he’s not involved, then this will somehow keep him out of harm’s way and I’m sorry, but this excuse just doesn’t make sense.

Many fans believe that it was what Rita (Ann Cusack), Castle’s stepmom, said to Beckett that caused her to make this decision. She said that by keeping their relationship a secret, she and Jackson (Castle’s father) were able to avoid being used against each other. Therefore, if one of them was in trouble then the other one wouldn’t be kidnapped or killed or tortured in revenge. But this doesn’t apply to Castle and Beckett’s relationship. Castle is a well known author and because of that, most people already know they are married. No, they’re not the Kardashians, but with a little research I’m sure anyone could figure out that they are married. So how is not living together protecting Castle? They’re still married, they still work together, and they still see each other almost every day. It just doesn’t make sense. 

Beckett also seems to think that by not living with Castle she will be able to secretly investigate this new “Lockstat” lead into her mother’s case. Does she not know him at all? Eventually he is going to figure out what is going on and you know he’s going to jump in head first with absolutely no thought about his or anyone else’s safety. If you think about it, this separation, this trying to do everything by herself, is probably going to end up putting Castle and likely herself, at way more risk than if she had just told him everything in the first place. 

Now here’s another thing to think about. In most marriages couples tell each other everything. They don’t lie or keep things from each other. They trust each other and depend on each other and that’s what makes their relationships stronger. Wouldn’t it have made a better story if Beckett had confided in Castle about everything and then they could have gone ahead and investigated Lockstat together? The strength of this show has always been Castle and Beckett working together–theory building, bouncing ideas off each other, and really just spending time together. That’s what brought us back every week.

In Season 6 there was an absolutely brilliant episode called “Veritas,” where Beckett was finally able to find the evidence to convict Senator Bracken and put her mother’s case to rest (or so we thought). Why then do we need to rehash it again? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to create a new storyline? And why can’t Beckett just let it go? I get it’s a large part of her life, and for a long time, but isn’t it time for her to move forward? Shouldn’t she be thinking about her future instead of her past? She has finally accepted this great guy into her life and they are supposed to be building a life together. They should be talking about having children and arguing about the best day cares and schools, they shouldn’t be investigating a 20 year old case.

In several interviews earlier this season, new Castle showrunners Alexi Hawley and Terrance Paul Winter explained this storyline as an attempt to spice things up again and bring back the Castle and Beckett that we used to love. Is it not possible to spice things up in a marriage? How is separating them possibly going to bring back the couple that we know and love? What we love about them is their relationship and how they’ve managed to build a fun and effective working relationship while maintaining a fiery romantic one at home. How can they build on that relationship when they’re apart?

We’ve already watched Castle try to win over Beckett. Sure, we loved being tortured over all those seasons in the past but why would we want to watch that exact same story repeat itself all over again? Beckett left Castle, with basically no explanation at all, when this stuff with her mother’s killer is all said and done shouldn’t it be Beckett trying to win Castle back? 

Even though I’m not ready to give up on this show, I am praying that the writers–who have promised to wrap this storyline up by the fall finale–are sticking by their word. And who knows, maybe they’ll blow us away and actually have all this confusing stuff make sense? But for now, I think it’s time for Castle to move forward, give us some new storylines and to bring back the show that I used to love.

What do you think about Season 8? Are you as confused as I am by Beckett’s behaviours? Do you think that the writers should have done things differently this season? Drop a few words in the comments section below and let us know what you’re thinking.

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