Castle: 6 Hints On The Winter Premiere

ABC/Richard Cartwright
ABC/Richard Cartwright

After what feels like a super long hiatus, Castle finally returns Monday with the winter premiere, “Tone Death.” The episode’s victim is found at the theater where Martha (Susan Sullivan) is rehearsing her latest show, and in a fun and impressively musical episode, Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) are thrown into the world of competitive a capella while they investigate the murder.

While I admit to not loving this season of Castle as much I have others in the past, there have been a few high notes and this episode is definitely one of them. It’s great to see Castle and Beckett back together again, even if it is in secret, as it allows for the return of their banter and innuendos. Their chemistry is what carries this show and until now has been seriously lacking this season.

The episode also boasts some great storytelling and an extremely talented guest cast. I’m not sure that it can compete with any of my series favourite episodes, but this is definitely one of, if not the favourite episode of the season so far for me.

While we don’t like to give too much away about the show’s main storyline, we know that Castle fans love those spoilers and are eager to hear what they can expect from the winter premiere. So here are a few hints about what’s to come in Castle‘s brand new episode.

Caskett’s Secret Romance Is Getting Hot

Now that Castle and Beckett are back together they aren’t wasting any time jumping back into the sack together. This episode is packed full of cute secret Caskett moments that fans are sure to love. They even manage to sneak away for a quickie lunch meeting, if you know what I mean.

Caskett’s Heated “Fake” Fights

To keep their relationship on the down low in the precinct, Castle and Beckett have started having fake fights. To say these fights get heated would be putting it mildly. The precinct is filled with their yelling on more than one occasion and someone even gets slapped in the heat of the action.

ABC/Richard Cartwright
ABC/Richard Cartwright

The Boys Are Getting Curious

Castle and Beckett’s heated fights start to worry Espo (Jon Huertas) and Ryan (Seamus Dever)–so much so that they start demanding Castle for an explanation. Unable to tell the boys the truth, he comes up with a horrible, yet hilarious, excuse. Needless to say the boys aren’t impressed and well, let’s just say that Beckett would get the boys in the breakup if it ever came down to that.

Castle Is Working With Martha & Alexis 

Caskett’s constant bickering soon pushes Castle out of the precinct, but he manages to sneak one bit of evidence home with him. In a fun scene back at the loft, Castle, Alexis and Martha work together to solve an emoji-themed clue.

Beckett Is Finally Out Of The Precinct 

One of the things that has been lacking this season is Beckett working with her team. Well I’m happy to report that this week you will finally see her out in the field working with the boys. An impressive Beckett take down even makes it feel like the good old days. Well, almost.

Orange Is The New Singing Sensation

This week’s murder involves an a capella singer that used to be in jail and the writers really did an excellent job at incorporating music into the storyline. There is an impressive a capella sing-off that Castle and Alexis walk into, and Esposito just kills it in an a capella interrogation scene. I guarantee that these scenes will not disappoint and Jon Huertas and the large guest cast deserve some serious props for their performances.

Are you excited for Castle‘s return? What are you hoping to see during the second half of the season? Sound off in the comments below and let us know!

Castle airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC and CTV.