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The Castle team delivered one of its most long-awaited episodes last week, one that found Castle and Beckett finally exchanging their vows and solidifying their union with a spectacular ending to the hour. So what would be next for the happy couple after their shotgun wedding? How about a honeymoon at an old-fashioned western dude ranch? In Monday’s episode, when the two find themselves unable to go on a real honeymoon and their case presents an opportunity for them to get away on an undercover mission, that’s exactly where they end up. It all leads to a fantastic hour of hilarity, romance, mystery and a heavy dose of western-genre references.

We certainly do not want to ruin the episode for anyone so we will not give away any major spoilers, but there are a few things we can give you the scoop on for Monday’s upcoming episode.

First and foremost, Castle and Beckett’s spur-of-the-moment wedding with just their family in attendance may have seemed like the perfect fit for the very private couple. However, there are a few vitally important people in their lives who disagree with being left out of the ceremony, something that becomes an ongoing and absolutely hilarious element to Monday’s episode. Be sure not to miss the opening scenes as Castle and Beckett drop their bombshell announcement to Ryan, Esposito and Lanie, all of whom have some very different reactions to the news. Expect some classic Castle humour between the boys as Ryan and Esposito make Castle pay for not inviting them to the wedding. Literally. And as a hilarious bonus, look for Ryan and Esposito to make an appearance of sorts out west; it is not what you may be thinking but it is a truly hysterical detail in the episode that leads to a lot of laughs.

Even Captain Gates gets in on the cold-shoulder action, stung by not only being left out of the wedding itself but also from Castle and Beckett’s announcement to the rest of their friends. Of course, who she blames for this oversight should be very obvious, though she does shockingly agree with Castle when he comes up with a brilliant plan to help solve their case, so things even out nicely between the two. This wise woman also becomes the voice of reason later on in the episode, ultimately leading to a very vital turning point in the hour, and one that fans will be overjoyed with for what it delivers.

We learn that Beckett used all of her vacation time while Castle was missing during those two months in the summer, leaving the couple unable to take time off for the honeymoon they had originally planned. But when their case presents the chance for them to go undercover to solve the murder and take some time away to celebrate their union, the two mosey on over to a western dude ranch posing as newlyweds who are looking for a rustic good time. If you are hoping for some classic Castle banter between the couple, look no further because Monday’s episode presents a plethora of it, mostly due to Castle and Beckett not quite agreeing on this honeymoon of theirs. Of course, Castle is all for some western fun while Beckett is less than enthusiastic, a true city girl at heart.

Even still, Mrs. Castle proves to be very capable out west, managing to play her part well and not giving herself away as a detective, all while looking absolutely stunning in a black cowgirl outfit that has Castle in awe, leading to Beckett uttering a familiar and hilarious remark to him. Speaking of the Mr. and Mrs., look for a number of references to their new status as husband and wife, including one hilarious exchange between the two early on in the episode when Castle refers to Beckett as “Mrs. Castle” and Beckett counters with the perfect response.

The case itself is actually quite interesting, and even if you are not a fan of westerns, this episode has enough in it to keep you entertained. I admit that I am not a big fan of the genre, but even I could not help but enjoy Castle living it up as a cowboy while Beckett hilariously tried to fit in despite being completely out of place. The setting, the outfits, the larger-than-life characters, and the mystery of the case itself really pushes this episode forward as fun, entertaining, and truly enjoyable one. It is obvious that this must have been an interesting episode for the cast and crew to shoot, much like their past genre-specific episodes have been, and that enjoyment translates beautifully to the screen and makes it even more fun to watch.

But the highlight, as always, is the interaction between Castle and Beckett as they experience their first few days of married life while also clearly understanding that their relationship will forever be entangled with their working partnership and their story is ultimately quite unique. Stana and Nathan nail their scenes together, using their chemistry to push Castle and Beckett’s personal storyline forward into wonderfully new territory, all while paying tribute to the journey their characters have been on during the run of the series by presenting some very classic Castle moments along the way.

Monday’s episode could have easily been a letdown after such an emotional and satisfying ending to last week’s installment. But thanks to a truly great story, hilarious comedy, an intriguing mystery, and a plethora of enjoyable interactions amongst all of the characters we have grown to love over the years, “Once Upon A Time In The West” is a fantastic follow-up to one of the most memorable episodes of the entire series. With classic Castle moments galore yet also a feeling that we are entering such wonderful new territory in terms of the Caskett relationship, it is an episode that perfectly balances the old and the new. Fans should expect a lot of laughter, an intriguing mystery, and some very memorable moments, all packaged up nicely in a fun, entertaining, and ultimately heartwarming hour that is bookended by a fantastic opening and an even more fantastic ending. If you are looking for Castle and Beckett’s fairytale to continue out west, this episode will not disappoint.

What are you looking forward to the most about Monday’s episode? How do you think Ryan, Esposito, Lanie, and Gates will react to the news that Castle and Beckett got married without them? Is there anything specific you are hoping to see in the episode? Are you looking forward to the western theme? Share your thoughts with us below!

Castle airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC and CTV.

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