Castle: Our Season 8 Wishlist

The long summer hiatus finally comes to an end for Castle fans as it returns next Monday, September 21st for Season 8. The ABC drama has been one of our favourite shows here at The TV Junkies as we’ve loved watching Castle and Beckett’s relationship grow from an amazing partnership into one of TV’s most romantic relationships of all time.

However, that’s not to say we haven’t had a bone to pick with the show from time to time. Castle fans will never forget Alexis’ boyfriend Pi, that horrible wedding fiasco, or the entirety of Season 7’s “Sleeper” episode, an intense episode where Castle tried to figure out why he went missing and it ended up all being because of Al-Qaeda? We weren’t the only ones scratching our heads after that one.

Several key changes have been made behind the scenes at Castle prior to Season 8 as long time showrunner and creator Andrew Marlowe, along with his wife and muse Terri Edda Miller, decided to leave the show. Alexi Hawley and Terrence Paul Winter have been brought in to take over the helm and are planning some big changes.

These changes have us a bit nervous, as there’s a lot we love about the show as is, but we do think as with anything that a change could be good and spice things up a bit. In fact, here’s a few ideas on what we feel will help Castle‘s eighth season be one of its best yet as well as a few things that we’re hoping to see more of this year.

Castle and Beckett Working Together


One thing we really missed last season was Castle and Beckett’s working relationship. A lot of time was spent apart last season and their working relationship is what makes this show. Give us more of their sexy banter, the theory building and more of those intense interrogation scenes. Together! The key point here is together. Sure it’s fun to watch them do all of these things alone or with other people but it’s so much better when they do it together.

Castle & Beckett Expand Their Family


Let’s face it, these two aren’t getting any younger. They’ve been married for a bit now so logistically you’d think they would at least talk about having a family. We know that having a family could change their working dynamic but if anyone could make it work it’s these two. Plus, a strategically placed time jump can make almost any storyline work. How great would it be if this season ended with a pregnancy announcement? Then they could start off next season with the birth of a cute little Caskett baby and continue on with their crime fighting ways.

More Of the Ensemble

ABC/Bob D'Amico/Getty Images/Anne Strickland
ABC/Bob D’Amico/Getty Images/Anne Strickland

Castle has an amazing supporting cast so wouldn’t it be great to learn even more about them? Ryan and Jenny had a baby back in Season 6 but now she’s barely even been mentioned. And who wouldn’t love to learn more about Lanie? Why is this tough, outgoing and gorgeous woman working in a morgue? We’d love to hear the story behind that one.

Castle Gets a Gun


Richard Castle has been working with the NYPD for years. He goes everywhere they do but without any way to defend himself. Maybe if he had a gun, he’d stop getting himself into so much trouble? Plus, he is a licensed Private Investigator now and don’t they carry guns? I don’t know how the laws work in New York City but you’d think if anyone could figure a way around them it would be Castle. Get this guy a gun already.

Enough with the Interruptions!


At first all those interrupted “almost” moments were cute, even a little funny, but now they’re just annoying. No more kisses interrupted by Ryan’s head popping out of dumpsters, no more kisses or sweet moments at the loft interrupted by phone calls. Enough already! Can we not let these two have at least a few moments of uninterrupted happiness each week? Is that too much to ask?

An Episode Without A Murder


Yes we know they’re homicide detectives but wouldn’t it be fun to see Castle and Beckett working a different type of case every now and then? Just to switch things up a bit. There are so many different ways that they could take this from working with other departments to bringing in some fun new recurring guest stars, and even have the cases link up to some unsolved murders. Why not?

Spread The Dramedy Around A Bit


In the past, especially in the past few seasons, most of the comedic additions to the show have fallen squarely on Richard Castle’s shoulders. Sure, Nathan Fillion does a great job  with adding his comedic spin to the show but it would be great to see the other characters add a little more comedy into their performances. We know this is a talented cast so let’s spread the laughs around a little more.

Happiness For Esposito


Poor Espo. He has has struggled right from the start but we can’t help but want more of him. We’d love to see Esposito take on a little more responsibility in the precinct and find some happiness along the way. Can we find this guy a girlfriend already? We were all heartbroken when he and Lanie broke up, but we think it’s time for Espo to move on. He showed great chemistry with Tory the tech girl last season so it’d be great to see them give it a go now.

More Of “The Good Stuff”

There are so many great aspects of Castle and so many great things that keep us coming back week after week. These are the things we just can’t live without and what we want see more of:

More writer vest
More Martha
More bromance
More Badass Beckett
More Eye Rolls
More Beckett Hairporn
More Caskett time on the swings
More bottle episodes like “Cuffed,” “Cops & Robbers” and “Still”
More sweet Caskett moments
More Bedroom Chats
More of those looks
Yes, THOSE looks…

What do you want to see from Castle this year? Did we miss something that you want to add to the wishlist? What’s your favourite part of the show and what are you most looking forward to in Season 8? Add your thoughts in the comments below!

Castle Season 8 premieres on Monday, September 21 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC and CTV.