Carmilla Stars Reunite for a Hollstein Panel at ClexaCon 2018

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If you’re a fan of Carmilla and can’t get enough of the lovely couple at the center of it all, then the panel that happened this past weekend at ClexaCon 2018 was tailor-made for you. ClexaCon is a multi-fandom event for LGBTQ women and allies that celebrates LGBTQ women and characters. It was held April 5-9, 2018 at the Tropicana in Las Vegas, NV and during it, there was a panel featuring Carmilla stars Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis. They reunited to discuss both the Carmilla web series, as well as The Carmilla Movie that was released last fall.

For those that’ll recall, The Carmilla Movie is set five years after Laura Hollis (Bauman) and (former) vampire Carmilla (Negovanlis) vanquished the apocalypse. They must now deal with the fact that Carmilla is a bonafide mortal human. Bauman is also coming off winning the Fan Choice trophy at this year’s Canadian Screen Awards, a win that she attributed to fans being vocal about positive representation. If you weren’t able to make it to ClexaCon this year, or had to miss the Hollstein panel, check out our main takeaways below!


Oh my, how you’ve grown!

Because of its impact, it feels a lot like Carmilla has been around awhile, but in actuality it’s only been four years. However, both stars have experienced huge takeaways from their experience and grown so much. “When we started the series we were 24 and thought we had it all figured out,” Negovanlis said. “We thought we knew who we were and that we were these fully formed adults.” However, in actuality she notes that “the amount of growing up we’ve been able to do in four years is incredible, and I learned so much more than I ever expected.” Bauman agreed saying that “it feels like a whole world of things have happened in that time.”

What makes Hollstein work

When one is discussing iconic couples, Hollstein is right up at the top of many of those discussions. But what exactly is it about them that makes everything work? Bauman said she thinks it’s something that she’s started to notice in her own life. “One of the things I’m starting to value in my friendships and relationships is the person should challenge you. It shouldn’t be an easy ride,” she said. She noted that Carmilla and Laura have “literally battled the world together,” and that’s what really makes the relationship strong because “when you really go through those difficulties together.” Bauman reminded the audience that “hardship isn’t a negative thing. It’s just the thing that strengthens the foundation.” For her part, Negovanlis noted that Carmilla and Laura “realize their core values are the same and that’s a really important thing to have in a relationship.”

Finding light in the dark

In The Carmilla Movie, viewers got a chance to see the characters five years down the road. Bauman said that she had discussions with the writers about what that’d look like for Laura and came to the conclusion that “it wasn’t that Laura solved all her problems magically,” after five years. Rather “it’s that she’s still working on and coping with the things that set her off — when she’s out of control, when she’s feeling a threat or jealous,” Bauman explained. “A person’s ability to change isn’t to get rid of the darkness, it’s just to know how to catch onto the light when the darkness does come.”


News on the primetime pickup?

When Bauman won her Canadian Screen Award earlier this year she mentioned that a primetime TV series for Carmilla was in the works. Unfortunately, there’s not much else they can share at this time. “We know about as much as you guys. There may be more in the coming months,” Bauman told the packed house. Negovanlis added that “they are developing the show. We don’t know much about it, but I certainly hope we get to continue telling this important story.”

A Hollstein wedding among the ruins?

During the fan question portion of the panel, a fan asked what a Hollstein wedding might one day look like. “Silas University is in ruins now, but they just put Christmas lights all around the rubble of the university,” joked Negovanlis. “It sounds weird but it’s kind of magical,” she said before finally going with an answer of “whatever Laura wants.” Bauman’s idea is a bit different, as she said “I think it would happen impromptu with all their friends after they’ve saved the world for the 19th time.” Regardless of how it goes down, Negovanlis joked that “Laf should perform it,” and that “Perry is the flower girl.”


ClexaCon London

“We’re going to London,” both stars enthusiastically announced at the end of their panel. They were referring to the fact that this was the official announcement that they’ll be guests at ClexaCon’s UK event to be held November 2-4, 2018 in London. It will be a smaller version of the main ClexaCon event just held in Las Vegas. More information about this event can be found on the convention’s website.


Did you attend the Carmilla panel at ClexaCon? Even if you didn’t, sound off with your thoughts below!

The Carmilla Movie is currently available for streaming.