Canada Day 2017: What We Love About Canadian TV

As we gear up for Canada Day 2017, we here at The TV Junkies wanted to celebrate! In honor of the Canadian national holiday, we thought it’d be a good time for our team to reflect upon our love of TV made up north. One of the mandates here at the site is to cover Canadian TV and it’s something everyone on the team feels very passionate about. That’s why we polled all of our writers about how they came to fall in love with Canadian TV, what they currently enjoy most about the shows being made in Canada and which shows and actors they think more people need to know about. Browse through the gallery below to see The TV Junkies‘ team responses about what we love most about “cdntv.”

If you’re feeling the cdntv love after reading our responses please feel free to add your survey responses in the comments below! Happy Canada Day!


What do you love about Canadian television? Let us know how you’d answer these questions by sounding off in the comments below!