When Calls The Heart: Our Favourite Things From My Heart Will Go On

Hallmark/Crown Media
Hallmark/Crown Media

I don’t know about the rest of you Hearties out there but this week’s When Calls The Heart just about did me in. “My Heart Will Go On” was by far the most emotional and heartbreaking episode we have ever seen. The writing was exceptional, the cinematography was breathtaking and the acting was absolutely stellar.

Most of this season has been fairly light and meaningful. There have been a lot of new characters introduced and a lot of cute new storylines developing. But right from the very first scene you could tell that this week’s episode was going to be different. The tone was darker and the overall feeling was heavy. Jack was hurt over the loss of his close friend and was torn about what his purpose really was in life. Was he meant to stay in Hope Valley with Elizabeth? Or was he meant to fight the good fight up north?

On the flip side of the story we saw Elizabeth, who was feeling for Jack’s loss and trying to support him, saddened by the loss of her job and still trying to figure out how to clear her name. Elizabeth’s role as the town’s teacher has been the focus of the show since the very beginning and has really become a huge part of the town. The people of Hope Valley have grown to love Elizabeth and realize the importance that her role holds. They weren’t willing to let her go without a fight and luckily for us viewers that fight was won this week.

Jam packed full of emotional scenes, I even had to add a few to my favorites list. I know I usually stick to five but this week’s episode was extra special and deserved a more items on that list.

Hallmark/Crown Media
Hallmark/Crown Media

Abigail and Elizabeth’s Friendship

One of my favorite parts of this show is how much they focus on Abigail and Elizabeth’s friendship. They have been there for each other through so much and it was great to see them supporting each other again this week. Who would have thought that Abigail sending a thoughtful picture and a short note to Elizabeth’s old friend Francine would make much of a difference? But it did, it made all the difference.

Francine’s Confession

Abigail’s saying is completely accurate. Bad things happen when good people do nothing, and because Francine did nothing Elizabeth lost her job. Thankfully, because of Abigail’s efforts, Francine finally came forward and admitted that the school board commissioner had also made advances towards her and ensured everyone that the letter he wrote about Elizabeth was entirely false. I was happy but surprised that Gowan changed his mind and gave Elizabeth her job back so easily, especially with how unhappy Wyatt was about his decision. It’s becoming more and more obvious that Gowan did what he did for himself. Maybe he isn’t in that deep with Ray Wyatt, maybe, just maybe, we could see him surprise us all by the end of the season.

Hallmark/Crown Media
Hallmark/Crown Media

Jack’s Decision

It was hard watching Jack make the decision to leave Hope Valley this week. You could tell how much it hurt him but he really did make the right decision. Being a Mountie is his calling. It is what he was meant to do. He is there to fight the good fight and right now that fight was not in Hope Valley. I love that we got to see him discuss his decision with Lee and with Frank. Jack and Lee’s friendship has really grown over the last few years and it’s great to see that they can look to each other in times of need. And Frank was used exactly how a pastor should be used in these instances, especially for people that depend so much on their faith. He was used for clarification and reassurance and understanding and I loved seeing that Jack was comfortable going to him.

Rosemary’s Support

Rosemary has quickly grown into one of my favorite characters on the show, but usually I am loving her because of comedic criticism and her perfect one liners. This week we saw a different Rosemary. She was supportive and complementary and genuinely torn up over Jack having to leave town. I was nice to see this other side to her, one that we all knew was in there, and surprisingly nice to see her handing out so many complements. I mean, she complemented Elizabeth three times, right to her face, maybe miracles really do happen?

Mr. Stoneman

I think all of us have had a serious dislike for Mr. Stoneman since he first arrived in Hope Valley. He stole Elizabeth’s job right out from under her and he was mean to the children. But he really surprised me this week. Even he realized how good of a teacher Elizabeth was and how important she was to the children and really to the town of Hope Valley. He stood up for her to Gowan and Wyatt and in the end decided to stop working for the railroad and change his teaching methods forever. I was impressed with the changes that the writers allowed for his character and couldn’t help but wish him the best as he rode away in that stagecoach.

Hallmark/Crown Media
Hallmark/Crown Media

Take a Walk With Me

I realize that the circumstances weren’t perfect with Jack going away and all, but I really don’t think that we could have asked for a more perfect proposal. I love that they used the “Take a Walk With Me” line from Season 1. Continuity is something that fans love to see and the significance of this line was huge and made the moment even more special. The candle lit path was absolutely breathtaking and just showed the thought and effort that Jack (and this show’s amazing crew) put in to this moment. I really can’t say enough about this scene. I loved every second of it. The heartfelt words that they said to each other, the ring, the tears, and even that little squeak that Elizabeth let out as she kissed Jack after saying yes. It was all just perfect.

Jack’s Goodbye’s

I realize that all of these moments were unbelievably heartbreaking but they were so important to this episode. Without them we never would have understood how difficult this decision was for Jack to make and how much everyone in Hope Valley meant to him. I think the moment that got me the most was when Jack was saying goodbye to Rip. He poured his heart out to that dog and I know I wasn’t the only one that sat there crying as he did. And Cody’s salute as he was riding away, that one was rough too. So many emotions in this scene. The most powerful part of that scene was definitely Jack riding back into town to say that one last goodbye to Elizabeth. If that moment with Rip didn’t put you over the edge this one definitely did. The love and heartache that those two feel for each other in that moment was immeasurable. Erin Krakow and Daniel Lissing deserve all the awards for this episode, especially for that scene. I’m not sure if I’m ever going to get over that final goodbye.

Hallmark/Crown Media
Hallmark/Crown Media

The Music Recital

As if there hadn’t been enough emotional scenes in this episode then came the music recital at the end of the episode. Although it looked like Elizabeth was going to be a no show at the last moment she appeared to sing Danny Boy just like she had promised. Erin’s singing performance absolutely blew me away. I knew she could sing but I had no idea she was that talented. And the fact that she sang that live on set was even more impressive. Not many people could pull that off. All of the kids hugging her at the end and the church filled with crying people really was the perfect end to that episode. We were all crying at home wishing we could give Elizabeth a hug.


What did you think of this week’s episode? Were you as impressed and emotional as we were? Did we pick all of your favorite parts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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