The Book of Jackson: Kristian Bruun Talks Playing His Beloved Character Once Again


Kristian Bruun (Orphan Black) has appeared in over 30 episodes of the iconic Canadian series Murdoch Mysteries as the lovable fan- favorite Constable Jackson. After Jackson’s untimely death, fans were not only shocked but disappointed to see the beloved character go. Thanks to CBC’s latest web series The Book of Jackson, fans get one last case with Jackson. The web series focuses on a case that Jackson worked on in the past and one that Murdoch is trying to crack. The TV Junkies caught up with the incredibly talented actor about his latest venture as Constable Jackson, what we can look forward to in the case, and what web series he is currently loving.


The TV Junkies: Did the writers give you a heads up at all that your character would be killed off? Was it a surprise?

Kristian Bruun: It was a surprise. I didn’t find out until April, before Season 11 and we go to camera at the end of May. Nobody knew at that point who was going to die. I remember my last day on Murdoch being like, ‘Well, I guess maybe I’ll see you next year maybe not.’ The writers didn’t know at the time, Peter Mitchell [showrunner] didn’t know at the time. I think they had an idea but they were exploring all possibilities. I wanted to come back that’s for sure, but I was also the only cast member who was moving away that year because Orphan was ending and I was moving to Los Angeles. I think just in the end it made sense with the story and with logistics, so I got an email from Peter in April — a really nice letter, bringing me in. It was pretty sad because I didn’t get to say goodbye to everybody, but then this web series came along and it was just sort of one last hurrah and one last chance to wear the uniform.

TTVJ: Were you excited when they approached you with coming back to do the web series? 

KB: Oh totally! It was such an honor! I was not expecting that at all and the timing worked out perfectly with some other work I was doing. It was so nice because I got a chance to say the goodbyes I didn’t get a chance to say before. Also, do one last turn as Jackson. It was great!

TTVJ: What can you tell us about the case Jackson is helping with?

KB: There is a woman played by Emily Piggford who is being hounded by another detective over the death of her husband. She is being framed for murdering him and she needs Jackson’s help to help solve the crime. In the series, Jackson kind of hints to Detective Murdoch that he wants to be a detective one day, so it kind of hints around Jackson’s own detective methods which are comedic and also seem to work for him. He has solved the crime, but no one knows what the answer is because he’s got everything and came up with his own way of codifying what he knows using symbols in his notebook. They need to figure out how it all works and what it all means. It’s a fun sort of word game mystery.

TTVJ: What were some of your favorite memories from Murdoch?

KB: They let me do some pretty crazy things. I really loved when I got to do some of my own stunts and fight work. That was always a blast! We had some great episodes like the “On the waterfront” episode where we had this massive brawl with all of the dock workers. It was basically two gangs squaring off at a factory and we had a huge battle scene and that was a blast to do. The car episode was great, I know they’ve incorporated a lot more cars in the last couple of seasons, but when we started introducing automobiles that was a lot of fun to get some actual cars from the time period that were fixed up and we got to drive them. Working on a show like this you get to do so many cool and different things because the writers try to keep everyone on their toes with different capers and different genres, so there are a ton of good memories and a lot of them have to do with the zany caper stuff that we had to do.

TTVJ: What are some of your favorite web series that are out right now?

KB: I’ve been part of a couple of great ones, That’s My DJ and Deep Six which will be coming out soon. They’re very different worlds than I’m used to. One is a space web series, the other one is the world of DJs, which is something I don’t know much about so it was kind of fun to sort of take a glimpse into those worlds. I have some friends on Carmilla that I like to enjoy every once in a while, I know I’m not the target demographic for that, but it’s a really fun web series and I’m super proud of my friends for doing so well with that and for turning it into a movie and everything. That’s pretty exciting. Every year a lot of my filmmaker friends come up with a web series and come up with a trailer to get funding for the web series. There’s a lot of fun trailers that pop up, it’s almost like pilot season it’s kind of really neat to see which ones take off and which ones don’t. Every year I always look forward to watching the trailers and putting my likes behind the ones that I enjoy.


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Book of Jackson is currently available to stream on CBC’s website.