Bones welcomes a new family member


As we get ready to celebrate the holidays it was only fitting that this week’s Bones be all about family. The case of the week took a backseat to the return of Daisy, ready to give birth at any moment, as the team helped her prepare for life as a parent without Sweets.

Yes, Daisy was back, and that’s always a good thing in my book, but she wasn’t the normal crazy Daisy we know and love. She was a whole new kind of crazy that just wasn’t right. The whole team noticed something “off” with this “very zen” Daisy right away, as she was almost eerily calm about giving birth, and spoke often of a doula that was helping her along. Sure, having a doula isn’t crazy, it’s someone many women look to while giving birth, but this one, well this one was a little controlling and just not right for our girl Daisy! Thankfully the team noticed, and Valentina was gone almost as quickly as she had appeared.

Yes, the team noticed, in fact every one of them showed concern and voiced it to Daisy, in their own way, at one point or another during the hour. From Brennan telling Daisy, “I don’t think you understand infants Ms. Wick,” but then later apologizing, recognizing that “I’m told my people skills are not well developed.” While that may be quite the understatement, it was evident how much Brennan cared for Daisy and wanted to help her through this. They all did, and that’s what’s nice about this team. They are all different, and each of them have their own idiosyncrasies to deal with, but at the end of the day they are family and they love each other very much.

While it took Daisy awhile to get there, and Hodgins seemed to hit the nail on the head when he implored her to not “push us all away because you are afraid of losing someone else,” Daisy did come around. Sure, she knew she was acting a bit crazy, but she’s right, she’s doing the best she can without Lance, and that’s all any of them could ask for.

When she did go into labour, it was then only natural that everyone was present. Of course in typical Bones fashion, there was a case to be solved, and Brennan naturally used that moment to solve it. Of course! Even for Bones, solving a case while giving birth was a bit odd, but it did bring the laughs. Luckily, they figured out the killer just as Seeley Lance Wick Sweets made his entrance into the world.

Yep, you read that name right. Now try saying it five times fast. It is quite the mouthful, but fitting in the world of Bones where we’ve also got little Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins running around. Therefore, it was only right that Booth, Godfather and the boy’s namesake, was the first to hold him after Daisy. I don’t think you get any sweeter scene on Bones than that one. But that may also just be because I’m a sucker for seeing David Boreanaz with kids.


Regardless, the familial feel continued as even Aubrey further entrenched himself into the Jeffersonian gang. It turned out that Booth wasn’t the only one who had done his homework, and Aubrey had read Sweets’ files on our Agent Booth. It’s a good thing too, because when the case presented Booth with a slippery slope, an online gaming site, Aubrey was right there to help him keep his gambling sobriety in tact. I especially enjoyed the manner in which Aubrey did it. He was authoritative and just what Booth needed. This continues to be a partnership I enjoy watching grow week in and week out.

While Daisy now faces a difficult path, raising young Seeley alone, she should take comfort in knowing that she’s never truly alone. She’s got quite the family at the Jeffersonian who care for her. I can’t think of a better team to have on my side!

Further evidence to examine:

  • It was brief but I enjoyed the Angela and Brennan scene. These are too scarce these days and I’d like to see more of these two friends.
  • Along those lines, how great was the scene with all the ladies in the hospital room? From Angela’s eye roll, to Cam telling off the doula, it was great all around!
  • The TV nerd in me was excited at some of this week’s guest stars as we saw Mindy Cohn (The Facts of Life) play Valentina, and Sam Lloyd (Ted from Scrubs).
  • Of course Cam is a huge crossword fan. It was funny to watch her geek out!
  • Who else just wants to sit and listen to Dr. Brennan speak Yiddish all day? That diner scene was some classic Booth/Brennan goodness and great to watch.

What did you think Bones fans? What are your thoughts on baby Sweets’ name? What was your favourite moment from the episode? Bones may be on a 2 week break, but you can see what’s in store when it returns on Thursday, December 4th:

Bones airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox and Global.

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