Bones Breaks Into Song

Patrick McElhenney/FOX
Patrick McElhenney/FOX

For those of you keep tracking at home, this week’s episode of Bones marked the 206th episode of the series. If that number sounds familiar, that’s because it’s also the number of bones in the human body. Having recently filmed a very special episode to commemorate its milestone 200th episode, it would have been very difficult for the Bones team to turn around just six episodes later and do another big, celebratory episode. So while there may not have been as much fanfare involved, Bones didn’t let this special occasion pass by completely unnoticed.

The show took a unique and very fun approach to commemorate this mark by having Dr. Brennan work all episode long on a song that named all the bones in the body for Christine AND was anatomically correct. I love when Brennan gets maternal and when she found out that the song her daughter was learning at school was incorrect she set out to immediately right that wrong! Only it turned out that creating the lyrics to a song that uses words such as “clavical,” “parietal,” and “scapula” is much harder than she anticipated. Never one to settle for less than 100%, Brennan, along with other team members and some help from outsiders, was able to finally come up with a song for her daughter.

The final scene of “The Big Beef at the Royal Diner,” with the Booth family sitting at a table rapping about the bones in the human body was great on so many levels. It was adorable to see Brennan and Christine share a moment and then have Booth join in on the fun in a complete “dorky dad” moment with his awful rapping skills. They were all just so happy in that moment and while I really enjoyed it, I also was left with a feeling of dread. This is television after all, things can never stay that good for long right?

All that happiness is sure to come crashing down if Booth keeps up the lying and the gambling that’s for sure. I think a little piece of me was crushed with each lie that Booth told this episode. It’s sad at how skilled he is at lying and seems to do so with such ease. The worst moment of all was when he used Christine as an excuse to cover up his gambling and it felt downright dirty when he gave that necklace to Brennan. Thankfully she seems at least a tad bit suspicious that something is amiss and I know it’s not going to be pretty when she eventually learns the truth about Booth. But it’s something I want to happen before he can get even deeper into trouble. All that happiness in Booth and Brennan’s marriage is sure to be put to the test once that happens, but I think they can survive it.

Jennifer Clasen/FOX
Jennifer Clasen/FOX

One couple that seems to have everything going their way at the moment is Angela and Hodgins. It turns out that awesome floor mat he invented last week earned him a $2 million advance and Angela was right, Hodgins deserves this. They realize how fast money and fame can disappear so they showed up for work the next day but I have to wonder if that’ll remain true for Angela. Working at the Jeffersonian was never her lifelong dream. She was an artist and now with the financial freedom the couple has will this be her chance to pursue her first passion? It’ll be interesting to see where she goes from here.

I think we’re all in agreement and hoping that she sticks around in the end, certainly for the fact alone that her best friend Temperance Brennan is unfortunately going to need a shoulder to cry on soon when Booth’s lies come out.

Sorting through the remains:

  • Cam going to Brennan made the most sense if she’s worried that people are lying to her about Arastoo to spare her feelings. If there’s anyone that will tell you like it is, and not worry about your feelings, it’s Brennan!
  • Sorry Bones, but as someone who prides myself on being able to make some amazing Mickey Mouse pancakes, I’m totally siding with Booth.
  • Did anyone else catch that the body was found in the woods at Leakin Park? That’s the same woods in the Serial podcast where Hae Min Lee’s body was found.
  • Since I know we were all wondering, “there’s no particulates like slob particulates.”

Did you enjoy the way Bones marked its special occasion? Will Booth soon be exposed? What will Angela do? Add your thoughts in the comments below. For more Bones check out the weekly TV Fanatic roundtable I participate in as well.

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