Bones: Season 11 and a possible pregnancy?


While Bones may be preparing to air its milestone 200th episode this Thursday, the Fox drama is showing no indication of slowing down, something that’s just fine with showrunner Stephen Nathan.

“We certainly have been talking about an 11th season,” Nathan told reporters during a conference call. “We’re ready to do whatever the network tells us to do,” he said, before adding that, “All indications are that there probably will be [another season], but you never know until you know for a fact.”

Should they receive confirmation from the network, Nathan and his team seem ready to forge ahead without missing a beat. “We’re going to just keep moving forward, and I know Hart [Hanson] and I have talked about this before. If we have to end it, we’ll end it. But it doesn’t seem like it’s ready to end,” said Nathan.

Nathan described being on the air for 10 seasons as “remarkable. It’s one in a million. It just doesn’t happen.” In fact, it’s something that almost seemed inconceivable at first given that, “When we first started in the first 13, we didn’t even know if we had enough stories where we could solve murders using bones,” he said. “Here we are 200 episodes later. The show has a lot of life in it. The show is not boring to do,” Nathan enthused before adding, “We’re still excited about doing the show.”

Should that 11th season happen, there still seems to be some debate as to whether or not Emily Deschanel’s recently announced pregnancy will be written into the story. “We’re still talking about that,” said Nathan. “We could have her behind desks and drawers, and things like that, but I think people know and the show is as much about their relationship as it is about solving crimes. This is what happens to people in relationships, married people who have children, they sometimes have more children,” explained Nathan.

Is Nathan at all worried about fans who may not want another little one running around the lab? “I know there will be people who will violently disagree,” he said. Nathan continued to explain that, “It’s a lot like life. You know, there are many many different twists and turns in people’s lives and some people watching those from the outside will like some and dislike others. We just have to keep going forward in a way that seems truthful to us and hopefully enticing and enjoyable for the audience. That’s our job. As much as we listen to the fans, we can’t be ruled by the fans. We can only love the fans.”

Are you on board for an 11th season? Do you want another Booth baby? Sound off in the comments below and take a peek at the 200th episode:

Bones airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox and Global.