Bones Preview: The Baker in the Bits

Jordin Althaus/FOX
Jordin Althaus/FOX

Is there a small piece of goodness in all of us that’s worth saving? That’s the question at the heart of this week’s Bones episode, “The Baker in the Bits.” Booth’s own stint in prison becomes fresh in his mind as he and the team investigate the murder of a former convict.

Elsewhere, Arastoo and Cam’s relationship takes centre stage as they are forced to deal with a major complication. Arastoo has a relative sick back in Iran and he must decide whether or not to return. What will he do? We’ve got hints at what that answer could be and more clues as to what to expect from “The Baker in the Bits” below:

New levels of grossness

After 10 seasons and too many dead bodies to count, I thought by now the Bones crew had thrown about every gross thing imaginable our way. I was wrong. After the “body stew” from a couple weeks ago I really thought I would’ve learned my lesson. However, this week sees an exploding body and flattened skulls that took everything to a new level of disgusting. Warning: do not watch the first half of this episode while eating.

Booth’s lost something special

Early on in the episode Booth is on the hunt for something he lost that he holds very near and dear. Initially he seems to be over reacting a bit to having the item misplaced, but it soon becomes clear that it holds special meaning to him and once again Seeley Booth will have viewers saying “awwww.”

Arastoo risks his relationship with Cam

Arastoo was not technically exiled from Iran when he left to come to America, but returning to his home country is still a huge risk. It’s one he seems ready to take, but he may not be considering the risk it puts on his relationship with Cam. There’s more than one great scene between these two during the episode that show how much they care for each other despite the pull of familial obligations calling Arastoo home.

Booth and Cam together again

Remember when Booth and Cam dated? That seems like SO long ago! It’s so long ago in fact that it’s easy to forget that these two were also pretty great friends. They get a scene in this episode where we’re reminded of that fact and it was really nice to see and one of my favourite parts of the episode.

Brennan as the voice of reason

Dr. B can still surprise us every now and then, even after 10 seasons, and she does just that in this week’s episode. While seemingly every member of the Jeffersonian team has an opinion and weighs in on Arastoo’s dilemma it was surprising to me that in the end Brennan had the best piece of advice.


Do you think people are generally more good than bad? Are you excited to see more of Cam and Arastoo? Share your thoughts and sound off in the comments below.

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