Bones explores Aubrey’s past


There are skulls flying out from under a merry-go-round, as children play blissfully unaware on a playground. And so begins another typical week of Bones

The parents on the playground, left to explain the flying skull, weren’t the only ones faced with a dilemma. Booth and Brennan were forced to deal with something every parent out there has faced at one time or another: their child swearing. As soon as they overheard Christine call her bunny a “jackass,” Booth immediately freaked out, and David Boreanaz was at his uptight best. You see, according to Booth, they had to put a stop to this right away because jackass was “a gateway swear word,” and could only lead to more trouble. This was the perfect setup for a classic Bones/Booth argument, and one of the things I enjoy most about the show.

Brennan, of course, was perfectly fine with the swearing, and as is usually the case, she had research and science on her side. However in the end, I’m inclined to side with Booth when he told her, “don’t science up the swearing!” Every parent can relate to this. We’ve all had that moment where your kid swears and you have to decide what to do. Do you laugh? Do you yell at them? What’s the right course of action?

Booth gave in and let Bones take the lead, only to be proven right in the end. These moments with Christine served as great bookends to “The Money Maker on the Merry-Go-Round.” As Christine told her parents that she called her teacher a “jackass,” the satisfaction that spread across Booth’s face was a hilarious moment. He won this round, and science be damned, they must put a stop to those “gateway swear words!”

There have been complaints among some Bones fans that there hasn’t been enough Booth and Brennan this season. Personally, I have been fine with the amount of interaction we’ve seen. They were challenged earlier in the season with Booth’s return from prison, and have seemingly come out of it as a stronger couple. However, those who have been missing some quality “B&B time” should feel more satisfied this week.

The two had a nice moment in the diner where Booth shared what he had learned about Aubrey’s past. While that information is not something that should be lightly passed around, it was nice scene between husband and wife, as he shared his concern for Aubrey. The return to the interrogation room for these two was also nice to see. Aubrey has been accompanying Booth for much of the season, but Brennan proved that she’ll always been needed, as Aubrey couldn’t examine the evidence and bring home the arrest quite the way she can. Fear not Bones‘ fans, he won’t be replacing her any time soon.


Speaking of Aubrey, it was nice to learn more about what makes him tick. When Booth said he may hate the one per cent more than he does, my curiosity was immediately piqued. It turned out that Aubrey’s father was arrested for running a Ponzi scheme, skipped bail, and left a 13-year-old Aubrey and his mother alone and broke.

Aubrey has always been eager to prove his worth, and clearly drawn to Booth. Both of these things became much more clear after learning about Aubrey’s past. If he was a teenager when his father left, he had to work very hard to get where he’s at and that’s probably left a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Also, the lack of a male role model during his teenage years had to be leave quite the void. It’s no wonder he’s drawn to Booth as a mentor and so eager to weasel his way onto cases and into the team dynamic in order to learn more.

The scene between Brennan and Aubrey was a pleasant surprise for me. Brennan knows a thing or two about fathers who leave, and once again the growth in her character was evident as she talked to Aubrey and tried to make him feel better. When she told him, “it’s not easy Aubrey, but nothing of value is,” I couldn’t help but think Booth and Brennan are on their way to taking this young agent under their wing in the same way they did with Sweets.

Brennan had her hands full most of the episode though dealing with the return of squintern Oliver Wells. He was never a favourite of mine, or the team’s, and he didn’t help that cause when he told Brennan he will one day be better than her. How dare anyone challenge Dr. Brennan! She rose to the challenge and immediately told Oliver to “Bring it on over Dr. Wells!” It was a classic Dr. Brennan moment, and one of the many reasons we love her. That moment, as well as her saying she was swearing like “a naval seaman” in her brain, was deftly delivered by Emily Deschanel.

In the end, Wells proved to be nothing more than a pain in everyone’s ass, and Brennan remained firmly on top–something her team already knew. As Hodgins perfectly stated, “I have worked with this woman for over 10 years, and I have never, not once ever, seen anyone better.” Amen Hodgins! Neither have we, neither have we. And so concludes another strong week of Bones!

Further evidence to examine:

  • You know you’ve been subjected to way too much Disney Channel when you’re excited and immediately recognize one of the kids guest starring on the playground as Girl Meets World’s Auggie (August Maturo).
  • Speaking of the playground, do places like that really exist? A divorced dad’s playground?
  • Cam had some big gross-out moments this week. Her putting the pieces of the face back together was something I did NOT need to see. Despite her stating that she “always loved arts and crafts,” I’m thinking next time she should try scrapbooking.
  • “Wow. That is possibly the worst and the most wonderful thing I have ever scene.” We’re right there with Angela. As if the facial reconstruction wasn’t bad enough, we were then treated to that eyeball re-hydration!

Were you satisfied with the amount of Booth and Brennan this week? Do you feel any differently about Aubrey now that we know more about his past? What are your favourite “gateway swear words?” Let us know in the comments below, and take a look at the next all-new Bones episode:

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