Bones EP Gives Insights into Final Season

Patrick McElhenney/FOX
Patrick McElhenney/FOX

“These four months have been tough for fans and they’ve been tough for us,” Bones executive producer and co-showrunner Michael Peterson told reporters on a conference call Tuesday. Thankfully, the long winter hiatus is coming to a close when Bones finally returns to Fox on Thursday night (and Friday to Global in Canada). The Season 11 midseason premiere episode, “The Death in the Defense,” will pick up eight weeks after the explosion that left Hodgins (TJ Thyne) paralyzed and in a wheelchair, but Fox has already announced the drama will return for 12 episodes for its 12th and final season this fall.

During the call with reporters, Peterson was able to drop some hints about what fans can expect from the final season. “Talking it over with Hart [Hanson], we really want this to be a grand ride off into the sunset for the final 12 episodes next season,” said Peterson. Perhaps most notably, part of that grand plan includes creator Hanson writing a very important episode. “Hart is going to write the finale for the series is what it looks like right now,” explained Peterson, before adding that, “we’re really excited about that. He has a vision for how he wants the whole thing to end, which I am not privy to yet.”

“We have the broad strokes of what we’re going to do for next season,” Peterson said which includes the team’s goal of bringing back “as many guest cast as humanly possible and whoever is available.” Could that possibly include a Bones spinoff character? Peterson didn’t rule it out when he joked “I’d love to even bring The Finder character back in Season 12 and a special arc there.”

Peterson couldn’t fully elaborate yet on whether or not all 12 episodes would run in one shot or be broken up. “You get preliminary plans, but at the end of the day you never know how it’s actually going to end up,” he said. However, it does look like that’s a goal for Fox, as Peterson said the network has given all indication that “they want make it as continuous as humanly possible.”

Finally, Peterson said he and the Bones crew would always be game for more fun in the final season, like say another crossover episode with another Fox show. “There haven’t been any talks, but we are very open. Fox is the one that came to us last year with Sleepy Hollow, and at first it was a little bit daunting,” he explained, but was quick to add that “we had fun with it. We had a great time. So if they come to us with any kind of crossovers we’ll definitely be game.”

What about the possibility of a Bones-related spinoff from all this? “I’ve always said I’d love to keep writing this show for the rest of my life,” Peterson said. “So if we can figure out a way to spin off and have a similar vibe, similar crew, I’d be delighted,” he said, before adding “I’m just waiting for the go to and any suggestions are welcome.”


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Bones airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox and Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on Global.