Bones debuts new dynamic duo


One has to wonder what Sigmund Freud would think about the neighbor lady who accidentally killed her neighbour over a bird? That’s the story at the core of this week’s Bones episode which saw psychological experiments gone wrong, mixed up with a case of attempted animal cruelty that resulted in one unlucky, and very impaled, psych professor.

Yes, the case of the week kept the team guessing right up until the very end, but more importantly, gave Bones and Aubrey the chance to get closer as they worked together. You see Booth was stuck back at the office in traffic school, which provided the perfect opportunity for Brennan and Aubrey to team up. Let me say that the traffic school computer class got old real fast for me, despite being a funny gimmick at first, and I feel that they could’ve came up with a better excuse for Booth to be stuck back at the office. I have to feel that logistically this had more to do about David Boreanaz preparing to direct next week’s 200th episode and less about separating Brennan and Booth.

Whatever the reason, I enjoyed seeing Aubrey and Bones work together. Up until this point they’ve always had Booth there to serve as the middle man. While Aubrey may have been very excited at this opportunity, Brennan made it very clear up front she would reserve her judgement until the end. I admit to feeling a bit of pride when Aubrey busted out some chemistry knowledge that impressed Dr. B, and it was if we were seeing him grow up right before our eyes.

I’ve been a fan of Aubrey’s from the beginning, he’s got a good rapport with Booth, and has always gotten along with the rest of the team, but now seeing that he can also work alongside Brennan just cemented that fact even more. I look forward to seeing him work with Brennan in the future because while he may believe that warmth isn’t her thing, I think he will soon realize she has a very warm and caring side to her, it just comes through in her own unique “Brennan-like” way.

When Aubrey discovered the murder weapon, impressing both Booth and Brennan, it confirmed that they are taking him under their wing and helping to guide him along. This is something that won’t be liked by fans who already see Aubrey as a Sweets replacement. Those fans are likely going to see this as the same path that Sweets took, where Booth and Brennan also took him in, but I, for one, can’t help but enjoy it and was happy for Aubrey when they were both so proud of him.


Elsewhere, one of my favourite squinterns, Wendell, returned and he has himself a new love interest: Andie, the nurse from his clinical trial. So often we only see the squinterns in the lab, and I’m glad we got to see more of Wendell’s personal life here. Cam was right, he’s been through a lot and he deserves something nice. Nurse Andie seemed like just the thing. She was sweet and really seemed into Wendell, plus she could play 80s power ballads almost on command on her iPhone!

While all that may be true, it was understandable that he pulled back and was worried about getting too involved with her. He was fearful of his cancer returning and leaving her alone and hurt. While I understood him feeling that way, and thought it was something Andie should’ve realized being a nurse, I did not agree with him just shutting down and not communicating these fears to her. I was glad to see her show up at the lab and push him for some answers. You have to be a special kind of person to be an oncology nurse, and Andie’s responses to his fears couldn’t have been better. I like her and wish her and Wendell much happiness in the future!

The lack of Booth and Brennan screen time was noticeable this week, and definitely cut some of my normal enjoyment out of watching Bones, but I enjoyed seeing Aubrey become more embedded into the mix. Next week it’s the show’s 200th episode and it looks like it’s going a good one!

More thoughts from the scene of the crime:

  • I had to laugh at Booth’s ongoing words of wisdom to Aubrey on how to deal with Brennan. From “nod, just nod. It helps!” to “we aren’t supposed to know what she’s talking about,” he had me giggling throughout the episode.
  • I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the Bones writers’ room when they come up with the crazy and gross ways to discover the bodies. This week: human bowling with shopping carts produced a flying skull!
  • Did anyone else have to shield their eyes when Hodgins started taking blood from his own arm? No thank you!
  • How fitting was it that during the Christmas season we saw Cathrine from Christmas Vacation, my absolute favorite holiday movie, as the neighbour lady who ended up being the killer? Sweet sweet Cathrine, what would Cousin Eddie say?


Did you enjoy Aubrey and Brennan getting a chance to bond? Did you miss Booth and Brennan? What are your feelings on Wendell’s new girlfriend? Get ready for the show’s 200th episode by taking a look at what’s in store here:

Bones airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox and Global.

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