Bones: Brennan Learns the Art of the Selfie

Patrick McElhenney/FOX
Patrick McElhenney/FOX

Look out Twitter! Dr. Temperance Brennan created an account and has become active on social media. It was a classic Bones moment when Brennan started tweeting, at the behest of her publisher, and learned the value of a good hashtag and the importance of the selfie. While her initial fears came true, it most definitely IS hard to be profound in 140 characters, with a little help from squintern of the week Jessica Warren, Brennan eventually mastered the twitterverse.

These are the stories and moments where Emily Deschanel just shines as Temperance Brennan. Even after 10 years, Deschanel is able to surprise and delight viewers. It’s easy to see that she is still having so much fun playing Brennan and Bones joining Twitter turned out to be everything I was hoping for and more. From the joy she had over each new follower, to talking hashtags and taking selfies with skeletons in her office, Brennan approached Twitter as she does everything else. She always sets out to be the best at whatever she does and one could easily see Brennan being able to lecture on how to turn yourself into an overnight Twitter sensation.

Thankfully Angela proved once again why she’s worthy of the title of “Brennan’s BFF” and knows Dr. B better than anyone. It was a distraction from Bones’ work and she did need to take a step back from the black hole one can easily go down while reading through hashtags and tweeting out to the masses. Angela was right, life is better when Brennan is tweeting about the most promiscuous tribe instead of taking selfies with squinterns. In the end Brennan did what she always does, found a nice balance between the two extremes and started tweeting for a good cause, like Caroline’s foundation. She’s got the hashtags down too because she was right, Booth definitely is the #BestHusbandEver. It was pretty adorable to see his interest in her twitter account and showed just how much he cares for her and wanted her to succeed.

With all that being said, I did enjoy Warren and thought she was a good choice to teach Brennan how to tweet. It was funny to see Brennan being forced to ask someone she considers “lesser than” herself for help. Just remember Warren’s basic rules for tweeting the next time you go to type your next update:

  1. Stop labeling tweets “Tweet 1,” “Tweet 2,” “Tweet 3”
  2. No polysyllabic words – keep it casual
  3. No to posting articles
  4. Connect on a personal level – selfies!

Finally it was great to get some more insight into Caroline’s history. I’ve always been a fan of the smooth talking prosecutor and we’ve always known she has a heart of gold underneath her sometimes tough exterior. She’s always had a great relationship with Booth and that was explored even more this week. Here’s two characters that just seem to get one another and I loved when Caroline asked the question on all our minds, “you’re a good man Seeley Booth. You sure you don’t want to dump that beautiful Dr. you got and run away with me?”

It was another light hearted and fun week of Bones, something I suspect is being done on purpose to lull us in before they hit us with some very emotional episodes surrounding Booth’s gambling in the weeks to come. For now, I’m happy to laugh along and excuse me while I go find Brennan on Twitter and give her a follow.

Discarded Tweets

  • Where do you fall on the book/e-book debate? Which do you prefer?
  • Caroline you’re not the only one that gets all tingly when you see Seeley Booth.
  • It was pretty sad to hear Brennan’s throwaway remark about being shoved multiple times into a locker in high school.
  • If Booth ever wants to cook for me I have no problem promising not to tweet during or after dinner. #ISwear!

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