Surprise return in Bones 200th episode


It’s a feat that very few shows accomplish, but after 10 seasons on the air, Bones 200th episode finally arrives on Thursday night. It’s a pretty huge milestone if we do say so ourselves. The show is glamming things up with an Alfred Hitchcock inspired theme that will find Booth and Brennan in an alternate reality and asks the question of whether or not these characters would still end up together?

All signs point to this being a huge episode, not only in theme, but in number of guest stars and recurring characters from the past that will also be appearing. We here at The TV Junkies couldn’t contain our excitement any longer, and had to go straight to the Bones‘ showrunner himself, executive producer Stephen Nathan, for more details about what we can expect.

The TV Junkies: You wrote Bones 200th episode, and it’s said to be inspired by Alfred Hitchcock. Where did the idea come from, and are you a big Hitchcock fan?

Stephen Nathan: Yes. I’ve always loved Hitchcock’s films and that time. It seemed a natural for us. David and Emily are our Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. Why not see them and the whole show in that light? This is a way to see their relationship blossom again in a new way.

TTJ: Bones star David Boreanaz is directing the 200th episode. He’s directed episodes in the past, but who’s idea was it for him to helm this milestone episode? What is he like as a director?

SN: David is a wonderful director. He’s easily done some of our best episodes. And he really outdid himself with this one. It was probably our most difficult in ten years. But it was worth it. He knocked it out of the park.

TTJ: The episode will be somewhat of an alternate reality episode, something that’s been done, at times successfully, other times not, on other TV shows. What are the challenges involved in writing such an episode, and how hard is it to write the same characters, but make them just a little bit different?

SN: The challenge is that it not become like a sketch on SNL. Although this is period and people play slightly different characters, their personalities are similar and the story is as interesting and compelling as any episode of the show. It was a lot of fun to try and actually make a true ’50s film.

TTJ: You’ve previously stated that you’re hoping to have as many of the Squinterns return as possible for the 200th. Can you give any hints as to who we may see among that group as well as other recurring characters from seasons past?

SN: We were limited because of availability but Clark, Arastoo, Jessica, Rodolfo and a surprise intern from the past are definitely showing up.

What are you most looking forward to out of the Bones’ 200th? Who do you think the surprise intern will be? Add your guesses to the comments below and get another look at the episode in the preview below:

Bones airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox and Global, or catch up on iTunes.