Bones 200 transports us to the past


Ten seasons, 200 episodes and counting. That’s quite the accomplishment Bones has just achieved and boy did they do it with style! Yes, the milestone episode, “The 200th in the 10th,” written by Bones’ showrunner Stephen Nathan and directed by leading man David Boreanaz, was an exciting and captivating adventure in itself.

From the moment the opening credits rolled onto the screen, viewers were transported back to the 1950s, and treated to a truly cinematic experience that one doesn’t usually get from watching television, unless of course you’re watching classic movies on AMC. Congrats to the entire Bones team, you really outdid yourself on this one! From the acting, to the sets, to the lighting and the wonderful costumes, it was so very cool and just flat out enjoyable!

As the episode began, after a terrifically fun opening narration sequence that set the look and feel immediately, by announcing “Good luck to Emily and David, even though we know they don’t need it,” Bones hit the ground running. And you know what? They were right, stars Deschanel and Boreanaz didn’t need any luck because they are two of the great ones on TV today. If they weren’t, how could Bones have survived 10 seasons and more timeslot moves than we care to count? Nathan was spot on when he compared them to the likes of Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, a fact that’s very apparent here where they both looked so glamorous and elegant.

As the show transported viewers to another day and time altogether, we saw Booth as a suspected jewel thief who had LAPD officer Temperance Brennan hot on his tail. Nathan modeled this episode after Alfred Hitchcock films of the 1950s and that exact sort of suspense was felt throughout the episode as we were immediately pulled into the action. Just as present day Brennan has always believed in Booth, the Brennan we see here does the same and is intent on proving Booth isn’t to blame for the murder of socialite Eva Braga.

What followed was a downright fun investigation into Braga’s murder that saw appearances by all of our supporting cast members, as well as many of our favourite recurring characters. The fun was that all of the characters here may have held different jobs or had different relationships to Booth and Brennan, but they still had the same traits and quirks that we know and love today: Hodgins still loved bugs, Brennan still has her sharp scientific mind, Booth was a veteran, Angela still is in tune with her friend Brennan’s feelings, and oh yea, Pelant is still SUPER creepy! It was a great and believable way to work in a large amount of squinterns and favourites such as Max, Caroline and even Angela’s dad into the episode without missing a beat when it came to the story at hand.


But the real treat came in watching Booth and Brennan fall for each other all over again. Sure, we may have been transported to a different time and place, but at their core, these are still two characters that are meant to be together. It was a reminder for long time viewers just how far we’ve come in 10 years, as we see the fun and flirty Booth initially met by the “all business and no nonsense” Brennan who rebuffed all his advances, no matter how many times he calls her “Darling.”

Just as she did during the show’s run, Brennan slowly but surely came around to the idea of being partners with Booth; especially when it was revealed that he was stealing from rich people who gained their wealth at the expense of the war, and giving to his veteran pals. As Caroline so eloquently put it, “you fell for Robin Hood sugar.” And fall she did, as Booth and Brennan did indeed end up together to close out the “film.”

I don’t know about anyone else, but as the end credits rolled I found myself wanting to jump up off the couch and give the show a standing ovation. This was no small undertaking, and it could have really blown up in their faces and turned out wrong and over the top. Instead, Nathan, Boreanaz, and this fine cast walked the line perfectly and succeeded in transporting viewers to a whole other time and place. It truly was a cinematic experience!

We may be 200 episodes in, but I’ve never loved this cast and show more than I do after watching this episode. I guess that’s a good thing too because I’ll need that warm and fuzzy feeling to tide me over as we head into a long hiatus as the show does not return until March 26. At least we can all rest easy knowing Bones is in good hands, and I can’t wait to see what the second half of Season 10 brings us! Congratulations again Bones!

Some of my favourite quotes & moments:

  • “Without science we wouldn’t have television. I’m definitely getting one of those!” – Seeley Booth is a man after my own heart!
  • Daisy: “Oh Jimmy, you have the best friends.” – She’s right, the Bones gang is pretty fantastic!
  • Can I have Booth in his little apron serving me coffee first thing in the morning because Angela’s right: “Booth is a dreamboat I’d like to take a sail on!”
  • Booth: “I hate to run before I’ve had my coffee.” Brennan “Then knock it back because we’ve gotta scram.”
  • Booth: “Now I know why you got suspended. They’re all jealous of you.”
  • Brennan: “A real maid would’ve cleaned better Camille.” BURN!
  • Booth: “Thank you darling. I mean Temperance.”

Well, what did you think of the Bones’ 200th experience? Did you enjoy the throwback feel? Which “alternate” personality was your favourite? Sound off in the comments below Feeling sad that we’re just at the beginning of a long Bones hiatus? Catch up on all of Season 10 of Bones on iTunes. You can also check out the Bones weekly roundtable discussion I participate in over at TV Fanatic.

Bones returns to Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox and Global on March 26,2015.