Blindspot’s Marianne Jean-Baptiste On The Show’s Early Reveals

Paul Sarkis/NBC
Paul Sarkis/NBC

One of the biggest new hits of Fall TV has been NBC’s Blindspot, as the drama was the first freshman series to receive a full season order of 22 episodes. While Jaimie Alexander and her tattoos may get most of the show’s attention, another strong female often finds herself at the center of Blindspot’s action–Marianne Jean-Baptiste who plays FBI Assistant Director Bethany Mayfair. Mayfair was recently revealed to be heavily featured in a redacted file about the mysterious Operation Daylight, leaving her true motives up in the air.

“The whole show is based on things that seem very apparent and then get turned on their head, and you don’t ever quite know for sure what is going on,” Jean-Baptiste told reporters recently on a conference call. A prime example of this would be the show’s recent reveal that Jane’s true identity is Taylor Shaw, only to then flip everything on its head one week later by having a tooth reveal that may not be the case after all.

The Taylor Shaw reveal was somewhat of a surprise to viewers given that most series tend to drag their mysteries out a bit longer. Jean-Baptiste, for her part, seems to favour the early reveals, saying “I think it’s great because there’s been quite a quick pay off to some of the mysteries that have been revealed.” So just how will the team around Jane respond to this new “toothy” evidence? The actress has an idea of what Mayfair will do, as she predicted that “Mayfair is very level headed and will assess all the evidence that’s placed before her before making any kind of decision or assertion.”

The exciting reveals, tattoos and puzzles all add into the mix of why Jean-Baptiste, a veteran of many hit shows such as Without a Trace and Broadchurch, is enjoying working on Blindspot so much. “I found it a very quick and exciting read. I love puzzles, conundrums, mysteries and so this sort of thing was right up my street. The element of tattoos and Jane being a treasure map made me very excited about trying to solve those pieces,” she said.

Paul Sarkis/NBC
Paul Sarkis/NBC

The show’s ability to mix various elements together seems to be what is drawing viewers in. “It’s a really magical combination that hooks a lot of people,” said Jean-Baptiste, before adding that “they’ve very cleverly have been able to weave in great action. You have the overall mystery, so those people that love to solve a mystery or puzzle that’s for them the action, but to also weave in some great character stuff.”

But just how long can a show that revolves around one woman’s tattoos realistically go on? “You’ve got an entire body covered from head to toe with these tattoos. So there’s no end of stuff that’s going to be revealed,” said Jean-Baptiste. She even predicted that the show could easily be drawn out “for a good five, six, seven seasons,” and may not always need to revolve around Jane’s tattoos. Jean-Baptiste teased that the tattoos “could lead to something else–something else could show up that we have to decipher that’s attached to the tattoos.”

Regardless of how long the show goes on, Jean-Baptiste seems to be in the same boat as many fans, waiting week to week on the edge of their seats to see what the tattoos will reveal next. “I’m reading them [the scripts] as soon as they land–whether I’m in the middle of an episode or not–just because I want to know what happens next,” she said.

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Blindspot airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on CTV and 10 p.m. ET on NBC.